Feb 012016
If Soda Commercials Were Honest

Back in the day, a soda pop was a special treat that people would rarely indulge on. But ever since sodas went from the pharmacy to the general store, they have crept into the mainstream diet. Now, most of us drink one, two, or even more cans, cups, or bottles of the bubbly, sugary goodness. But let’s be real. It’s basically candy, explains Cracked in this honest soda commercial


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Dec 272015
What Happens When You Mix Coke And Bleach Is Surprising

Everyone knows that the strongest product in the cleaning aisle is bleach. It can kill nearly any stain, and ruin your favorite pants if just a drop gets near them. Apparently, these incredible cleaning properties even apply to the world’s favorite drink: Coca-Cola. The Crazy Russian Hacker had the insane idea to see what would happen if he added a few drops of bleach to a glass of Coke. Surprisingly, the bleach apparently ‘washes’ the dark soda clear.


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Dec 082015
Crystal Pepsi Is Returning Commercial

Back in the 1990’s everything seemed to be high-tech and updated. The Internet was just getting popular and DVD’s were just about to hit the market. So Crystal Pepsi just made sense. Sadly, it was a pretty sensational flop. 

But Pepsi wants to give it another shot, so they are giving away 6-packs of their signature clear cola to members of their Pepsi Pass loyalty program. To promote the retro soda, they made this commercial in which a janitor accidentally goes to a floor that is stuck in the 90’s. 


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Dec 072015
Wrapper On Coke Bottle Becomes Instant Christmas Bow

Many believe it was the Coca-Cola company that popularized that idea that Santa Claus is a fat old man with a white bear dressed in all red. The very same red as every Coke bottle and can. For year’s Coke has ‘won’ Christmas with their festive commercials and bottles. This year, Bulletsonmylife noticed something very unique about the Coke he bought. By pulling a string in back, the wrapper instantly becomes a Christmas bow. Merry Christmas! 


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Nov 122015
Kyrie Irving Is Back As Uncle Drew Part 4

After three viral videos, Pepsi is back with another episode of their Uncle Drew series. As before, Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving has returned as a much older man named Uncle Drew. In his older disguise, he blows the minds of younger kids with his shocking basketball skills. This time, Drew takes on another older man named Walt, who just happens to be played by NBA star Ray Allen.


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