Jul 182014
Americans Try International Sodas

In the USA, there are very few mainstream soda companies to choose from. Most drinkers know of Coke and Pepsi, maybe one or two smaller pop makers like RC Cola. But there are many more sodas around the world that most American’s aren’t even aware of. So to enlighten their viewers, BuzzFeed held an international soda taste test. Some look good!


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Jun 092014
Mexican Coke Vs American Coke

Serious Coke drinkers know that what they are drinking isn’t the ‘real’ thing. Back in the 1980′s, Coca-Cola substituted cane sugar with the much cheaper high fructose corn syrup in the USA. However, south of the border in Mexico, Coke is still made with the original sweetener.

Most people can’t tell the difference, but serious pop drinkers all claim to notice. So BuzzFeed decided to hold a taste test to see if everyday people can tell the difference and decide once and for all which Coke is better. 


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Jun 042014
Boiling Coca-Cola Has Gross Results

Countless people drink a soda or two a day. There’s no arguing it’s delicious, but do you even realize what you are drinking? To demonstrate what’s really inside your Coke, the Crazy Russian Hacker boiled a bottle of the dark sweet beverage on the stove. All that’s left is a nasty dark syrup. It’s just plain nasty. 


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May 292014
Coca-Cola Introduces Friendly Twist Caps To Promote Friendship

The first day at college is always difficult. Often, students enter the university world not knowing a soul. To help foster friendships and communication, Coca-Cola invented a special soda bottle cap they call ‘Friendly Twist.’ Drinkers can only open their bottle by finding another bottle with a matching cap to unlock their Cokes, and hopefully, become friends. This commercial has just gone viral with over one million views!


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