May 312012

Seven year old Luka went all out for his school’s talent show. Dressed in the typical Jackson costume, complete with white glove, Luka tore up the stage dancing to Smooth Criminal

Was his performance perfect? No, but that only makes it more awesome. 


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Mar 042012

This viral video from last summer published by  just started to trend again now. At his July wedding to Cara, Jeff performed an epic wedding dance to Michael Jackson’s classic Smooth Criminal. Jeff started the dance alone, and slowly more people from the wedding party joined. Finally, the bride gets in on the dancing action too. 


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Nov 062011

Why is Michael Jackson still considered the King of Pop still? Because even kids today are listening and dancing to his music. This dad’s kid asked if he could listen to Smooth Criminal while he was doing the dishes. Dad heard some noise, so he got his camera and snuck up on him. His son Frankie was bobbing along to the music, then stopped doing the dishes, and dropped some serious Michael Jackson moves. Impressive. 


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