Oct 032013
Giant Slip and Fly Launch Ramp

YouTuber Brice Milleson just went viral with his video featuring the epic slip-n-slide at Ohio Dreams sports camp, amassing over 1.7 million views!

But can you really have too much epic launch ramp fun? Of course not, and popular videographer Devin Supertramp agrees. 

Devin also teamed up with Ohio Dreams, and Mountain Dew, to make his own action packed music video showcasing the amazing slip and fly launch ramp at the sports camp. 

Music is We Should Hang Out by Con Bro Chill. 


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Sep 252013
Epic, Giant Slip ‘N Slide Launches Riders Into Pool

The first chill of Autumn has crept in, but the memory of summer is still fresh. 

As a fun last hurrah, Brice Milleson and his buddies hit up action-sports camp Ohio Dreams to take on the camp’s epic “slip and and fly” slide that launches daring riders into the giant swimming pool

 Music is Scrape The Sky by Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.


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Aug 092013

To promote their KickStarter project, Fully Torqued RV Tour posted this video, titled Biggest Slip N’ Slide Loop, a month ago which is still trending.

Clint Walker and Clive Dixon daringly built a 12 foot slip n’ slide with a full loop the loop. To gain enough momentum, the riders must launch off the top of the house. After a few scratches and bruises, the kinks were worked out, and adrenaline junkies were successfully looping.


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May 302013

Dude Perfect, step aside. A new trick shot crew has hit the web from Australia, and they are quickly making a name for themselves online.

How Ridiculous has just gone viral with their new epic Slip And Slide Alley Oop trick shot video. On his first attempt, one of the daring Aussies sped down a steep slide and slide and was launched up a ramp into the waters.

As he flew into the air, his teammate passed him the basketball. With just a few nanoseconds to spare, he fired the ball towards the hoop affixed in the water and scored.

Dude, no way!


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