Mar 242014
Sleepy Kitten Adorably Tries To Stay Awake

Sleepy little kitten Oscar can’t decide if he wants to go to sleep or stay awake. But once his human friend Brian gives his a comfy elbow to rest his head, he simply can’t resist the restful Z’s. 

His cuteness has made him a viral video star, garnering over 200,000 hits over the past week. 


Via 22Words

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Oct 212013
Why We Need Sleep And What Happens Without It

A month ago, education channel Asap Science discussed what happens if you stopped sleeping? That video has amassed over 3.9 million views!

Now, Hank Green of Sci Show delves deeper into the subject of sleep in this week old video that has garnered over a quarter million hits.


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Sep 022013
Fox News Anchor Falls Asleep On Air

YouTuber Cassie Slane appropriately titled this clip recorded from cable TV new channel Fox News Tucker All Tuckered Out! as news anchor Tucker Carlson fell alseep on the air.

After being roused by his giggling co-hosts, he explained that he was up late the night before.

Now, the clip has amassed over 350,000 hits, and has drum up a politically-charged, rowdy conversation over the agenda of cable news channels. 


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Jul 252013

Taking a cramped flight in coach is already an uncomfortable experience, but Steve Cullum recently had it much worse. While flying over the East Coast, the woman next to him quickly fell into a deep, deep asleep. 

Problem was, she passed out onto him. After desperately trying to rouse her and move her, he simply gave up, and took this awkward-funny video to share his experience with the world. 

His awkward video has only exploded onto the viral video scene now, garnering over 450,000 views just this week. 


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Jun 032013

It’s been done so many times in science fiction, it’s too hard to count. But still, it seems scientists are no more to being able to record dreams. But what exactly is a dream, and is it possible we could some day be able to record our dreams?

Asap SCIENCE explains that our brain waves are just like radio waves in that they are both electromagnetic radiation. And though we cannot ‘record’ our dreams yet, researchers are getting closer everyday using technologies such as an MRI and complex computer algorithms. 


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