Jul 082014
Pallet Skating In Slovakia

You know the trolley tracks that often run around big cities in Europe?   has figured out an ingenious way to harness the power of the tracks to get around town quickly and for free. He simply added metal slides on all four corners of a palette and instantly created a rolling board for one. With just a few kicks, he can cruise around town with little effort. 


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May 292014
Nine Year Old Girl Lands 540 Skateboard Jump

A 540 in skatboarding terms is when a boarder jumps and spins the board one and a half times. It’s not not a simple trick that the average skateboarder can pull off. But nine year old Sabre Norris from New South Wales, Australia was determined. After watching Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins pull off a 540 she was inspired to copy the trick no matter what. It may have taken her over 70 tries, but in the end The Berrics reports that she was successful! You go Sabre!


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Apr 222014
Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Skateboard From Walmart

“You get what you pay for” is a famous saying for a reason. When you buy extremely cheap products from bargain stores like Walmart you really aren’t getting such a deal. As a group of skateboarders demonstrate in this video by FLAGSHIPMENT, cheap, $20 skateboards are good for nothing but slips, falls, and broken wrists. Next time, drop some serious money, and get a quality board. 


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Apr 162014
Pack Of Pitbulls Pull Skateboarder

Dog focused Mr.P The Stud posted this awesome video on Facebook way back in 2011, but it has only exploded now with over 40,000 Likes and over 36,000 Shares

Keeping up with your running dogs isn’t always easy, so pitbull pack leader George Evans takes his dogs for a run while riding a skateboard. The resulting activity is basically the concrete version of dog sledding in the snow, and totally rocks! 


Via TheAwesomer

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