Jan 282016
Tony Hawk Challenges Amateur Skateboarder For Charity

In case you missed it, Mike Boyd went viral back in November when his video showing him complete the skateboard kickflip trick with no experience hit the Web. It only took him six hours. That video has over one million views!

Now, the skateboard master himself, Tony Hawk, has reached out to Mike in order to raise money for charity. 


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Nov 202015
Tony Hawk Skates First-Ever Horizontal Loop

World famous skateboarder Tony Hawk might be nearing 50 year old, but you wouldn’t know it. Even today, he is still pushing the envelope in skateboarding. For his latest trick, he teamed up with Sony’s Action Cam to perform the first ever horizontal loop. It’s basically a vertical spiral, or a sideways loop. And it’s epic! 


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Nov 112015
Guy Who Can’t Skateboard Lands A Kickflip After Trying For Nearly Six Hours

There’s a theory called the Ten Thousand Hour Rule that estimates it takes ten thousand hours of hard, diligent practice to master anything. Mike Boyd wanted to test this idea, so he decided to see how long it would take to learn how to kickflip. Note that he is not a skateboarder. He may not have mastered the board, but he did land a kickflip after trying for 5 hours and 45 minutes. Now this clip has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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Oct 302015
Aladdin Magic Carpet Costume

With the help of modern technology, Halloween costumes are cooler than ever. Prank vs Prank celebrated Halloween this year by dressing up as Aladdin from Disney’s famous feature film. The best part? He rode a magic carpet around New York City made from a hacked skateboard. Even New Yorkers couldn’t help but stop and look. So cool! 


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