Feb 142014
Snow Day The Musical

Remember the Holderness family who went viral with their adorable Christmas Jammies music video? That original video now stands with over 13 million hits

Now, the cute family is back via their YouTube channel Visit The Greenroom. As so many parents are now sick of snow days, the family performs an adorable Snow Day musical that is going viral as the weekend begins. 


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Feb 142014
Christina Bianco Covers ‘Let It Go’ Impersonating Famous Female Vocalists

Comedian and singer Christina Bianco last made a splash online covering Total Eclipse Of The Heart in a slew of different female ‘diva’ voices. That video stands with over 5 million hits!

Now, she has brought her inner voices back to life covering the Web’s current obsession, Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen. She sings the song as countless famous female vocalists, such as Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Adele, and more!


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Feb 132014
bride groom

Ryan and Arianna posted this video last August, but it has only exploded online now with over 675,000 new views on YouTube and over 13 million views on GodTube

While walking down the aisle, Arianna sang Carrie Underwood’s hit single Look At Me and brought her groom, and countless viewers, to tears. 


Thanks Pix Chick!

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Feb 112014
Surprise A Cappella Valentine’s Singing Will Make You Smile

YouTube prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with BYU a cappella group Vocal Point to make some girls’ Valentine’s Day extra special, no matter what happens this Friday. 

When their target was least expecting it, the boys would jump outta nowhere, burst into a love song, and offer their girl a single rose. 

The girls jumped in shock, but then couldn’t help but smile and even tear up a little. 

“Love’s a scary thing.”

Happy Valentine’s Day


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Feb 112014
‘Let It Go’ According To Google Translate

Google has countless products that are famous for their accuracy, but Google Translate is sadly not one of them.

Malinda Kathleen Reese and her friends often play with Google Translate by inputting a phrase in one language and then seeing how it turns out when translated back into English. More often than not, it comes back as pure gibberish. 

Malinda decided to translate the lyrics from her new favorite song Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen, and perform the newly translated words for the Internet. 

It’s no surprise the Web is loving the new hilarious version of the song. 


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