Aug 052014
We Are Ninjas Turtles A Cappella Music Video

Nerds young and old are giddy with excitement over the new Hollywood reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set to debut in theaters August 8th. In honor of the new film, the producers teamed up with a cappella ninjas Pentatonix to create an original music video. The resulting song has become an instant hit!


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Aug 042014
Singing The Halo Theme In An Empty Church

The theme music for the popular video game franchise Halo is well known in the gaming world. While hiking through Switzerland Rdub and his buddy Max stumbled upon an empty church. Not one to let the amazing acoustics of the building go to waste, Max sang the Halo theme song. Even if you don’t know the tune you will appreciate his performance.


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Jul 282014
Dr. Who VS Sherlock Holmes The Musical

The musical nerds at AVbyte have taken a move right out of Epic Rap Battles of History’s playbook, and have pinned two epic characters in a musical duel. Dr. Who and Sherlock Holmes are two brilliant British minds, but who is the more clever one? The two geniuses sing to find out in this new musical


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Jul 172014
Giant Musical Family Wows The Audience Of America’s Got Talent Performing ‘My Favorite Things’

Forget the Von Trapp family! They’ve got nothing on the very real Willis Clan. The Willis Clan is a musical family of twelve siblings, ranging in age from 21 all the way down to the adorable 3 years old. While on America’s Got Talent, the twelve person band naturally sang the famous The Sound of Music musical hit, My Favorite Things

The judges and audience couldn’t get enough of them, and now the video has over 3.3 million views


Via MostWatchedToday

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