May 282013

Unknown YouTuber Perky Balls posted this short yet sweet video over the weekend of a cat in a box slowly riding on a skateboard past the view of the recording camera.

Quickly, the clip was picked up by popular sites, such as Mashable, TastefullyOffensive,  WebProNews, and DailyOfTheDay, and now it stands with over 200,000 views.


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Apr 102013

Mike Wellzss was hanging out at Taco Bell Saturday night with his buddy Richard who got a little antsy from all the beans. So what did Rich do?

He proceeded to straddle the handrail at the order line with one leg, tuck in his head, and continuously spin on the railing over and over–reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog. Perhaps this will be Taco Bell’s Superbowl commercial next year.


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Jul 182012

Amazon has been called the Walmart of the Internet, selling every product from A to Z. They aren’t only convenient, but also are favored for their famous customer service. 

But their latest convenient shipping option may have gone too far. With ‘Amazon Yesterday Shipping,’ you can order shoes now to be delivered yesterday. Just don’t try to return those yesterday shoes. Because the simple Amazon customer service options just might destroy the fabric of space and time. 

The animation comedy short was published by , and is featured by Gizmodo, SamirMizrahiTastefullyO, and GameZone


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Jul 122012

All pop songs seem to traverse through the same cycle. The song debuts and quickly spreads, cherished by all. But just as quickly as the track reaches the top is it overplayed by every radio station, mall, and county fair, resulting in fan quickly getting sick of it.

It’s a strange paradox. On one hand, we feel like we just heard it, and beg who’s ever in charge of the radio to switch stations. But on the other hand, we just can’t help but singing along at the top of our voices. “But you didn’t have to cuuuut me ooooof!”

Comedy group  made this short film that expresses this phenomenon perfectly. It has gone viral after being featured on Reddit.


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Jul 022012

If you were chillin’ with your best bud, and you discovered that he was the Spiderman, what would be the first thing you ask him?

Maybe, “Climb the wall!” or “Shoot your web!” but that’s not what this buddy wanted to know when he discovered he was best friends with Spiderman

No, he wanted to know if Spiddy could… help him make next year’s Halloween costume.


Thanks Justin!

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