Oct 142011

The Shake Weight was parody gold for comedians on all spectrums when it came out last year. Late night TV loved to spoof it, and fake commercials showed up all over the Internet. Even though it’s been a while, Jimmy Kimmel brings us this new spoof. It’s the Tug Toner and it pokes fun at how these ‘products’ are just dripping with sexual innuendo. 


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May 072011

Local KTLA morning news does a nice fluff story on the Shake Weight. The exercise device has had countless spoofs, but apparently, people are actually using the weight for actually weight loss. While reporting, the whole crew demonstrates the Shake Weight, and thats when the dirty jokes start. And the dirty jokes don’t stop. ‘Little white one’, ‘Big black one,’ come on. They aren’t even hiding the fact that they are being dirty.


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Nov 182010

South Park copied the YouTube viral video of Shake Weight with cool down spray effect. South Park may or may not have seen this original spoof but it’s still hilarious.

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