Dec 182015
Sheriff’s Deputy Jumps Onto Moving Semi-Truck To Save Unconscious Driver

In the movies, jumping onto a moving car is no big deal. But in real life it can be extremely dangerous, even if the car isn’t moving that fast. Nebraska police were called because of a semi-truck driving erratically. During the chase, Madison County Deputy Todd Volk pulled up beside the truck and saw the driver didn’t look well. Realizing something was terribly wrong, he sped ahead, got out of his cruiser, and had just enough time to literally jump onto the side of the truck door and open it.

Thankfully, he was able to hit the brakes, and saved the life of the driver who was having a diabetic reaction. The entire scene was captured one a police cruiser’s dash camera. 


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Dec 162015
Blacksmith Demonstrates How Weak How Steel Becomes To Disprove 911 Conspiracies

Even though it’s been nearly 15 years now, there are still countless conspiracy theories questioning the official story behind the 9-11 terror attacks. One of the most famous ones is that the heat of the jet flue couldn’t weaken the two towers enough to cause them to implode. Blacksmith Purgatory Iron Works wants to end this theory, so he demonstrates how weak a steel rod becomes after being super heated. This demonstration video has gone viral with over 2 million hits in one day!


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Dec 152015
Fan Made Johnnie Walker Commercial About Brotherly Love Will Give You Chills

It’s a wonder how some commercials, with giant marketing budgets behind them, can’t compete with ads made by a couple guys in their basement. That is definitely the case with this fan-made commercial for Johnnie Walker by German film students Dorian and Daniel. The powerful ad, titled Dear Brother, tells the life story of two brothers, two best friends, in just 90 seconds. It’s no surprise it has instantly gone viral with over half a million instant views in one day. Chills are guaranteed. Tears are likely. 

Congrats guys. Looks like you won’t have much trouble looking for a job once you graduate. 


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Dec 142015
Commercial A350 Flight Leaving USA Aborts At Last Minute Of Takeoff

It’s always a good feeling when the flight you’ve been waiting for finally begins to move. At last, takeoff is about to start and trip will begin. That good feeling ended very quickly for the passengers of an A350 jetliner leaving JFK airport in New York City. After hitting speeds of 100 mph, the plane suddenly aborted takeoff. Apparently, the computers on the plane calculated that the runway was too short and applied the brakes automatically. Thankfully, no one was hurt and a much worse disaster was averted. 


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Dec 122015
Michelle Obama Stars In Rap Music Video Encouraging College Enrollment

Back in the day, you could get a decent job out of high school that many stayed at for life. Sadly, those days are over. For better or for worse, your odds of attaining an affluent career are almost impossible without a college degree today. 

To encourage more people to go to college, First Lady Michelle Obama herself teamed up with College Humor to star in this upbeat rap song about going to college featuring SNL’s Jay Pharoah. It’s no surprise this music video has gone viral with over 2.5 million views already!


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