Jun 022015
Wild Animals React To Seeing Themselves In A Mirror

One thing that makes humans different than all the other animals in the animal kingdom is that we recognize our own reflection. Only a select few other species can claim that ability. Of course, there might be other animals that scientists are underestimating. To further test this concept, French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre traveled to the African coastal country of Gabon and set up a giant mirror in the wild. The reactions from the animals are both intriguing and hilarious. This video has instantly gone viral with over one million views!


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Jun 012015
Stuttering Comedian Wins Crowd Over

Performing stand up comedy in front of a live audience is hard for everyone. But it’s especially difficult when you have a stutter. After a sports injury to his throat, Drew Lynch was left with a stutter. But instead of allowing his stutter to control his life, Drew decided to pursue his dream of being a stand up comic. Drew surprised the audience of America’s Got Talent with his hilarious and upbeat stand up routine


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May 292015
Texas Woman’s House Being Flooded Is Terrifying

The severe rain that smothered much of Texas caused flooding and river overflow. Sarah Perez lives near the Blanco River which quickly flooded the surrounding area. Sarah captured the terrifying moment when the flood waters literally broke through her front door and turned her house “into a gigantic washing machine.”

Read more about the severe flooding in Texas and Oklahoma on CNN


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May 272015
Drone Footage Of Texas Floods Will Shock You

While California tries to cope with one of the worst recorded droughts in the state’s history, much of Texas and Oklahoma is struggling with severe flooding after a brutal thunderstorm. The aftermath is truly shocking. DLR Productions captured the aftermath of the storms in Austin, Texas with his drone that has many viewers stunned.  


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May 262015
Avid Runner Reviews $16 Running Shoes From Walmart

Frank the Running Shoes Guru takes his name very seriously. He avidly runs ten or more miles everyday. He regularly reviews high end running shoes, but decided to try something different for this video. Instead, he found the cheapest running shoes he could find which were $16 Starters from Walmart. It should come as no surprise that they literally started to fall apart just after one run. You get what you pay for. This review as gone viral with over one million hits!


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