Mar 052015
Bison Rams Car At Yellowstone National Park

Seeing the bison roam freely around nature is part of the allure of visiting Yellowstone National Park. But Tom Carter and his family got more than they bargained for when an aggressive bison charged over 200 yards and rammed their Nissan Xterra.

Thankfully, the airbags didn’t go off, but the bison did cause over $2,700 of damages! This video has gone viral with over 375,000 hits!


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Mar 032015
Man Sees His Wife After Years Of Being Blind

Everyday, science advances. What was just science fiction a few years ago is becoming science fact. Remember Geordi La Forge from Star Trek who had a visor to help him see? The Mayo Clinic has made this type of vision aid a reality. In this powerful viral video, a blind man sees his wife for the first time with a special bionic eye. 

“It’s crude, but it’s significant.”

This emotional video has gone viral with over one million views!


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Mar 022015
John Oliver Reviews Just How Bad America’s Crumbling Infrastructure Is

America’s infrastructure used to be the envy of the world. But after building countless bridges, highways, and dams over the past 100 years, they are all in desperate need of attention. Just how bad have things gotten? John Oliver reviews the extent of America’s crumbling infrastructure in this extended video.

For dessert, he shows a hilarious fake movie trailer about infrastructure maintenance starring real Hollywood stars like Edward Norton. 


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Mar 012015
Terrifying Helmet Cam Footage Shows When Skydiver Has Seizure

Nomadic Adrenaline is lucky to be alive. Last November, he went skydiving and had a near death experience. While performing a jump as part of his Accelerated Free Fall program, he had a seizure and fell unconscious. Thankfully, his instructor managed to pull his shoot open and he regained consciousness at around 3,000 feet so he could land safely.

This chilling helmet camera video has instantly gone viral with over half a million hits already!


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