May 162014
Dancing Ambulance Driver Will Make You Smile

Being an EMT is physically and emotionally exhausting. You see terrible things that are impossible to forget. If you don’t find a way to be happy, the job can quickly drain your spirit. This one ambulance driver has no problem with that. He knows how to separate himself from the dramas of his job and enjoy life. When his song comes on on the radio he can’t help but crank up the music and dance!


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May 152014
Family Cat Saves Boy From Attacking Dog

A family cat is being hailed as a hero after saving a four year old from an attacking dog. Roger Triantafilo posted this incredible security camera footage of a neighborhood dog attacking his son when the family cat quickly jumped into action to chase the dog away and save the boy. Thankfully, the dog only bit the boy’s leg which was quickly stitched up at the hospital. The video has instantly gone viral with over 5 million hits in just one day!


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May 082014
Security Camera Footage Of Tornado Ravaging Playground Will Terrify You

A powerful tornado tore through Tupelo, Mississippi last Monday, and one church captured footage of the powerful storm on security camera. The camera was pointed at the church’s playground, and shows how the EF-3 tornado destroyed the yard in just a matter of minutes. Read more on NBCNews.  


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May 072014
Two Dogs Fight Off Intruding Bear

When a bear trespassed on Cue Foils‘ farm, it didn’t take long for his two bulldogs to jump into action to fight off the uninvited guest. The two guard dogs broke through their enclosure and ran right up to the bear to let the big guy know whose neighborhood he was in. Surprisingly, the bear didn’t really put up a fight, and ran off before any metaphorical fists were thrown. 


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Apr 032014
fedex chase dog

YouTube channel JWs Public Videos published this crazy security camera video with no further information. The video depicts a FedEx driver literally chasing his rolling truck downhill.

He opened the door as it rolled and almost got in, but failed.

Incredibly, the truck rolled right in between some trees and a house. Ironically, the only seriously damaged part of the truck was the opened door that snagged a tree. 

That is one lucky Federal Express deliveryman. This accident could have ended much worse. 

The best part? Three dogs watch the entire scene unfold in front of them as they play in a fenced yard. 


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