Sep 052013
Anthony Weiner Argues With Jewish Voter In Brooklyn

Anthony Weiner is in the spot light again! And again it’s not for good news.

While visiting Jewish constituents in Brooklyn before the Jewish New Year in anticipation for the New York Mayoral election, Weiner engaged in a heated argument with a Jewish voter at a kosher bakery. 

After making small talk with bakery customers, one shopper yelled at Weiner for embarrassing the community. Quickly, the two began to argue in front of all the shoppers and cameras.

Now, the video caught by Brooklynite Jacob Kornbluh has exploded online, garnering over 450,000 views in less than a day. The story is also featured on MSNBC, TheHill, Mediaite, and NYMag


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Aug 112013

Telling mom and dad that a grand-baby is on the way is always popular online. To let his mom in on the good news, Sean set up a cute scavenger hunt in the kitchen with a hidden message.  

Mom quickly put two and two together after finding a bun in the oven

“It’s a buuuun! It’s a bun in the oven!” screamed mom as she hugged her daughter in law. 


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Aug 072013

Antony L‘s good buddy Josh suffers from severe aerophobia. He is simply terrified to fly. But as he is growing older, he decided to finally face his fears and take an aerobatics flight with Antony at the helm.

Naturally, Antony outfitted the plane with a camera and captured all of Josh’s screams of terror. Now, the resulting reaction video has instantly gone viral online, garnering over a quarter million views in just one day. 


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Aug 072013

NSFW Language

This week old video by Remote Laughter is trending more than ever, especially after being parodied by Conan.

The video was taken by a woman who caught on of her unstable neighbors stealing rhubarb from behind the alley. After confronting her, the crazy lady finally gave up and left, but not without dropping many expletives first. 

 Update: original video is down, so here is Ray William Johnson covering the clip.


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Jul 152013

The evil geniuses at BlackBoxTV have struck again. This time, they set up a terrifying prank at a mall photo booth.

Just as the patrons are about to have their pictures taken, two masked monsters attack both sides of the booth, screaming and wailing. A chain fence even falls to obscure their escape. 


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