Sep 022014
Mantis Shrimp Punching In Slow Motion Will Blow Your Mind

Dustin of Smarter Every Day took a trip to James Cook University in Australia to see the amazing Mantis Shrimp in action. The Mantis Shrimp, which is really a Stomatopods, has a very special arm that can pack serious energy into a single punch. Just watch as the Mantis cracks a glass test tube in one shot!


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Aug 302014
Amazing Search Dog Can Smell Through Water And Mud

Man has leveraged the powerful sense of smell of dogs for thousands of years, but we still are just learning how amazing the canine nose really is. In this incredible video by BBC Earth, search and rescuer Neil demonstrates how astute the nose of his co-worker Fern is. Not only can she perfectly pinpoint the position of their test rescue victim six meters down at the bottom of a lake, but they discover that the target was also buried one meter deep in mud as well. Good dog!


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Aug 282014
Senior Citizens React To Oculus Rift 3D Goggles

In the 90′s, virtual reality was a dream. Today, it is quickly becoming a reality. Oculus Rift is the most well known virtual reality goggles, and was just recently bought by Facebook. With so much capital backing them up now, it seems it will only be a matter of time before we’re all playing silly games and chatting in 3D. 

But how will the older generation react to this virtual reality revolution? Some of them are still struggling with smart phones… To bring them up to pace, The Fine Brothers had a group of senior citizens try out the Rift to help them take their first step into the virtual world. 


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Aug 272014
Is MSG Bad for You

Everyone knows that MSG is bad for you, but why? No one is really quite sure. Most are quite sure that MSG, or monosodium glutamate is almost as bad as poisonous, but there is little proof that MSG is any worse than regular table salt. Reactions attempts to discover the truth behind MSG in this trending video


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Aug 252014
SKULLY AR-1 Smart Motorcycle Helmet Is From The Future

The future is here. For the past couple years, auto makers have been racing to update their cars with new information and entertainment technologies. But what about motorcycles? Helmet company SKULLY has just introduced their new smart motorcycle helmet. The seemingly standard helmet packs tons of technology into the safety device, including an active heads up display, GPS, smartphone connectivity, and more!

This commercial has gone viral with over 1.4 million views!


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