Dec 052012

Whenever a video goes ultra viralviral, like Gangnam Style, it’s expected to be parodied and covered to oblivion. Many spoofs are as good as, or even better than, the original, but most just fall flat. 

And then there are those special few, those few parodies that are just so bad, and so terrible, viewers feel compelled to share it with their friends.

The video that is oh-so bad, it is somehow good. In a bad way. And no, it doesn’t really make much sense. The phenomenon is often referred to as the Rebecca Black Effect. 

Lucky for the Internet, Spartan High School has delivered. Here is the official worst Gangnam Style cover, reuploaded online by Spartan High student .

Presenting: Spartan High School Style


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Nov 262012

 is one determined man. He started Speech 101 in college, and decided to play a very long and extended prank on the class. For all semester, he spoke in a thick Mexican accent. Except he didn’t have an accent.

For his speech final, he decided to unveil his true accent in a fun and creative way. Now, his week old video has over half a million views, and is even featured on UpRoxx, TheDailyWhat, and AndPop


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Nov 152012

Most kids in America learn sexual education in middle school, but one topic is often left off the table. Nocturnal penile tumescence, better known to most as morning wood. Contrary to many myths,  explains that morning wood occurs from chemicals being releases during REM sleep and is not related to having a particular adult-themed dream. 


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Nov 092012

In just a couple years, the entire world has been transformed by YouTube. Now, you can look up nearly any subject to laugh, relax, and most importantly learn. 

And that’s what  wonders. Is YouTube Making Us Smarter? Can we really use the world’s largest video social network to learn? Mike Rugnetta claims, “YouTube probably won’t replace schools anytime soon, but it’s a pretty rad alternative.”


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Nov 022012

For his latest online prank, Russian trickster  set out to Florida Atlantic University to mess with some girls. He ran up to random girls on the quad, and sniffed themLoudly and aggressively. All under the watchful eye of the hidden camera. 

Most girls are naturally freaked out, but a few laugh along with the gag. 

Interestingly, one even asks, “Are you doing an experiment?” It seems all these social experiments and pranks on college campuses are becoming more and more common to the point that they are expected.


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