May 192012

Alex Gamble says,”As a 4th grade teacher in the inner-city, I’m used to noise. But today, I heard singing next door and managed to catch an inspiring moment on video.”

What he caught on camera was the 5th grade class in a Kansas City public school all standing and singing One Day by hasidic reggae rapper Matisyahu. It’s a powerful scene that finally shows a brighter side to America.

Teaching; you’re doing it right.   


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May 162012

The Harvard baseball team went viral last week with their Call Me Maybe dance video in the van on the highway. 

Now, the Southern Methodist University Women’s Rowing team made this creative foot dance video in response, also while bored in the van. 

Which dance was better?




UPDATE: here’s a side by side comparison video.


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May 152012

At the end of the school year, it’s not uncommon for some students to pull playful pranks in honor of leaving. But it’s the faculty at AKF who are the pranksters in this video published by  that is going viral. The video is already featured on TNTMag, DailyPicks, and Reddit

Under the guise of interviewing students while being recorded, teachers quietly snuck behind the students, and then seriously “danced with somebody!”


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May 102012
Teachers’ Message To Parents: “We Don’t Suck; You Suck”

At some point in time recently in America, parents just stopped being… parents. Now, in 2012, all the responsibility for child rearing seems to fall on the public school teachers.

Teachers can’t raise your kids! That’s the job of the parents! It’s no secret your fat, dumb, immature, and bratty child doesn’t do well in class. Structure and discipline comes (or is supposed to come) from the home!

So in honor of Teacher’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel had a group of public school teachers send a message to all parents: “We don’t suck; you suck!


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May 072012

Driving between games can be a long bore, so the Harvard baseball team passes the time by dancing in the van. They actually perform an impressive choreographed dance to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe that is even featured on BostonBarStool, CollegeHumor, and BostInno.


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