Apr 262013

British gamer JamesExplainz happened upon an amazing accident at college. While in the music room, the professor’s printer seemed to be filing the papers it printed on its own!

After the printer finished, the pages fell off docking tray, and perfectly and magnificently, slid into the second filing cabinet. Now, his new video, AMAZING PRINTER PAPER DROP, has gone viral across the web.


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Apr 112013

Every year, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign holds their very popular Engineering Open House day, which is full of fun activities and events. One of the most popular events this year was crushing a concrete cylinder with a giant mechanical press. 

The Bad Astronomer was at this year’s pillar crushing, and caught the entire scene on camera

The crowd was nearly silent as the giant crusher made contact with the 800 lb concrete cylinder. For over a minute, the host read off as the kilopounds of pressure built up until finally, the cylinder gave way at 1,600,000 pounds of pressure

The crowd burst into applause as the host asked, “Am I the only one that jumped?”


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Apr 062013

Last Tuesday, Cpugs7 published this video under the simple title Hallway Swimming. In the short clip, a seemingly Canadian high school student demonstrates how to go ‘hallway swimming,’ sliding on the floor from one wall of lockers across to the next with a great kick, just as a professional swimmer would to launch off the edge of the pool. Already, the silly video has accumulated over 675,000 hits


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Mar 202013

Asking out big time celebrities has become somewhat of a thing online. Hopeful singles have gone viral asking out NBA superstar Jeremy Lin, Hollywood starlet Mila Kunis, and many others. 

Now, Michigan high school senior Jake Davidson is the latest kid to go viral asking out a big time celeb. He made this video, simply titled Kate Upton, Will You Go To Prom With Me?, where he explains how much he and the Sports Illustrated supermodel have in common.

Being an awesome sport, Kate has already responded on Twitter with a “I’ll check my schedule ;).”

Cross your fingers…

Since debuting over the weekend, the video has garnered over 185,000 views, and is further featured on DailyMail, ABCNews, Mashable, and RightThisMinute.

 UPDATE: Kate and Jake spoke on TODAY


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Feb 252013

Peter Morales is the basketball coach of the Coronado High School Thunderbirds in El Paso, Texas. Of all his kids, his favorite has to be team manager Mitchel, who has a developmental disability.

So on the last game of the season, Peter was determined to get Mitch into the game. Incredibly, it was a student from the opposing team who helped make the dream come true.

Read more on CBSNews and NYDailyNews

The report has viewers grabbing for the tissues to say the least. As BloodyReam says, “Who left all these onions around here? Sheesh…”


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