Jun 092012

High school graduates are always anxious to finish with the ceremonies and get on with the evenings partying, but students and their families at Absegami High School were rushing to finish the formalities for much more serious reasons. 

An enormous funnel cloud was forming just behind the graduation, and as the grads threw up their hats, students and family quickly started to run for shelter. The video, published by , already has over 45,000 hits. 


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Jun 082012

Ahh, June. The last few schools left are all conducting their closing ceremonies. A time of positive speeches and figurative pats on the back, right??

Breaking away from the norm of the ‘everyone is a winner’ mentality, Mr. McCullough took a different approach. As commencement speaker, he gave the graduating class of Wellesley High School a big spoonful of reality, with no sugar on the side. 

You’re not special, you’re not exceptional.”


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May 272012

For extra credit in his high school chemistry class, Eli made this creative parody music video of the popular Leonard Cohen hit Hallelujah.

Using construction paper for animating, the bright 10th grader told the ‘love story’ of chemical bonds in Good Chemistry. The video went viral after Eli’s dad posted it on Reddit


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May 262012

NSFW – language

Actress and comedian Nikki Muller is a Princeton graduate, but she won’t be the one to bring it up. Guys who went to other schools might be intimidated, so she keeps her secret safe and silent. 

But when she has to let out, she lets it be known loud and clear in her latest music video, “I went to Princeton, b*tch!” Her video is even featured on Jezebel, HuffingtonPost, and DoobyBrain


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May 242012

Ending the school year with a fun celebrity speech is always welcomed by students, and even top notch schools like Harvard have made it an unofficial custom to invite famous comedians and celebs to end the learning semester. 

This year,  invited SNL superstar Andy Samberg to speak at their Class Day. 


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