Jan 222016
Teacher Makes Snow Day Parody Of Adele’s Hello

Every kids wishes for a blizzard in hopes that school will be cancelled. What most kids don’t realize is that teachers feel the exact same! Just in time for the historic blizzard which is about to pummel the mid-Atlantic east coast of America, Tennessee third grade teacher Mary Morris made this hilarious snow day parody of Adele’s hit single Hello. 


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Dec 252015
High School Lunch Lady Stuns Cafeteria With Christmas Singing

To celebrate Christmas, Cameron Zettlemoyer‘s Souderton High School has Teacher Karaoke during lunch. The staff takes turns singing their favorite holiday songs. But no one expected anything that impressive from any of the faculty, especially from the boring old lunch lady. But by the end of her rendition of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, the lunch lady had the entire school cheering and clapping! 


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Dec 142015
How To Learn Calculus In 20 Seconds

If you ask a group of teenagers what subject is the most difficult, odds are most will say math. Sure arithmetic and even algebra isn’t that bad. But once you cross the line into trigonometry and calculus, everything you thought you knew about math goes right out the window. Thankfully, we have the Internet and YouTube to help us with our school work. Casually Explained explains how to solve nearly any calculus problem in just 20 seconds with this one trick


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Dec 122015
Michelle Obama Stars In Rap Music Video Encouraging College Enrollment

Back in the day, you could get a decent job out of high school that many stayed at for life. Sadly, those days are over. For better or for worse, your odds of attaining an affluent career are almost impossible without a college degree today. 

To encourage more people to go to college, First Lady Michelle Obama herself teamed up with College Humor to star in this upbeat rap song about going to college featuring SNL’s Jay Pharoah. It’s no surprise this music video has gone viral with over 2.5 million views already!


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Nov 112015
When Equality And Social Justice Goes To Far In School

Equality is a very important issue, but some people today sadly seem to think it means that their feelings trump the rights others. This is especially evident in the protests that have been taking place on college campuses, such as at Yale. After being asked to reflect on inappropriate costumes for Halloween, some students are asking for Professor Nicholas Christakis to be fired for daring to hurt their feelings and for not maintaining their ‘safe space.’ 

Australian comedian Neel Kolhatkar parodies this concept when social justice and equality goes way, way too far in this latest viral sketch in which all students grades are averaged together to ‘be fair’ and their grade is lowered based on their privilege. 


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