Jul 062016
Coast Guard Rescues Four Boaters After Boat Capsizes

The scariest thing happened to four boaters on June 28, 2016 out of Charleston, South Carolina. Their 27 foot Sea Pro literally fell apart and capsized. They were stuck on top of the sinking boat surrounded by sharks!

Thankfully, the US Coast Guard didn’t take long to fly in a chopper to rescue them. 


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May 112016
Doorbell Cam Records As Firefighters Battle To Save House

As you most likely know, large portions of Canada are burning, specifically Fort McMurray. Firefighters are doing everything they can to keep the fire at bay and save people and property.

A doorbell camera captured the moment when firefighters battled to save a house from being fully engulfed by flames. Intense. 


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May 032016
High Voltage Power Line Inspection Is Terrifying

As you hopefully already know, if a power line falls down during a storm, always assume it is live. Never mess with power lines. But there is actually a job which is all about inspecting high voltage live power lines. Scary!


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Apr 302016
11-year-old Protects His Home Against Intruder

The idea of an intruder breaking in is terrifying from everyone, especially if you’re an eleven year old. But WVTM 13 News reports that this Talladega pre-teen had no problems protecting himself and his home when a burglar attempted to break in. 

Now, this news story has gone viral with over 700,000 hits!


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