Jul 092016
Surprising Dad By Hiding In The Car Trunk Prank

Brian Vogelgesang took a special flight from Chicago to be with his family for his dad’s birthday. To make the surprise extra special, he hid in the trunk of the car and had his dad open it. Dad’s shocked reaction is simply hilarious! 


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Nov 172015
Cats Spooked By Cucumbers

Cats are funny creatures. The oddest things can put a cat over the edge. And apparently, cucumbers are one of those things. MrFunnyMals made this ridiculous compilation of cats literally freaking out over cucumbers. 

This video already has over 1.3 million views


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Oct 312015
Prankster Terrifies Mom With Scary Chucky Prank For Halloween

Having a son who has made a huge success online is great. But there is a price to pay. As all of his fans know, Vitalyzd loves a good prank. So for Halloween, Vitaly terrified his mom with a very real and creepy Chucky monster late at night in the house. Chills!


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Oct 292015
Eric Stonestreet And Andy Go To A Haunted House

Fans of Ellen DeGeneres know that the popular daytime talk show host loves scaring and pranking people. Naturally, Ellen really loves Halloween. For years now, she has made it an unofficial custom to send her staffers who aren’t big fans of being scared to really intense haunted houses. This year, she sent her staffer Andy along with Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet. Hilarious! 



Part 2:


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Nov 052014
Ellen’s Best Celebrity Scare Pranks Compilation

Halloween is of course the most popular day to scare and prank people. But Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t like to be boxed in. She likes to prank her celebrity guests and friends all year long! In honor of Halloween, the popular daytime talk show host put together this hilarious supercut of her best celebrity scare pranks. 


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