Apr 072015
Sand Storm In Saudi Arabia Looks Like The End Of The World

A powerful sand storm swarmed over parts of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates last week. Visibility was near zero and countless flights were cancelled as a result of the freak storm. This video shows just how terrifying the sand clouds looked. 

It’s the end of the world as we know…


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Apr 222014
Saudi Daredevils Change SUV Tires While Driving On Two Wheels

With not much to do in Saudi Arabia and so much cheap gas, many young people take part in outrageous daredevil tricks while driving.

Al Drifter posted this video of a group of men in a Toyota FJ Cruiser pulling off a dangerous stunt. While speeding down the freeway, the driver managed to get the SUV on just its two right side wheels.

But they didn’t stop there.

A few daredevils got out of the car, took the two left side tires off and put them back on–all while speeding down the road on two wheels. After completing the task, they cheered in celebration and got  back in the car. Crazy!

The video already has over a quarter million views!


Via ViralViralForums

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Dec 172013
Saudi Man Doesn’t Understand How To Play In The Snow

As most people not hiding in a cave has heard, the Middle East was slammed with a rare snow storm last week.  

It’s a good thing snow is so rare there as most people in the desert simply don’t know how to deal with snow, or, as is evident in this short video, even play in it. 

Saudi YouTuber Mohammed Alobaidan‘s friend tried to jump into a pile of snow, but apparently didn’t know how. The silly clip has already amassed over 350,000 views!


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Oct 262013
No Woman, No Drive Bob Marley Parody

A new movement is taking place in the ultra-conservative Islamic nation of Saudi Arabia. Besides being famous for their vast amounts of oil, the country is known around the world for banning women from common freedoms and most activities outside the home, such as driving a car.

But recently, women have been fighting for their freedom by bravely taking the wheel, risking imprisonment, bodily harm, or perhaps even death. 

Saudi YouTuber Alaa Wardi doesn’t understand the laws banning simple rights from women, so to mock the regulations, he made this humorous Bob Marley a cappella parody, No Woman No Drive, that has just gone viral this weekend. 


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Apr 292013

Like Dane Cook, stand up comedian Gabriel Iglesias is famous for getting his kick start into show business online before YouTube and social media. Back then, he nicknamed himself Hot and Fluffy in one of his bits, and the name has stuck since. 

Fluffy has recently resurfaced online promoting his new special ‘Aloha Fluffy: Gabriel Iglesias Live from Hawaii.’

Over the weekend, this very extended bit from the special about visiting Saudi Arabia has been trending. 


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