Dec 172013
Santa Parkour

Parkour master Ronnie Shalvis is well known for his epic parkour-themed videos. He’s gone viral many times before, most notably for his Assassin’s Creed Parkour and Star Wars Parkour videos. 

In honor of Christmas, he’s returned to dazzle viewers with a very special free running demonstration dressed as Santa Claus

For once it makes sense to be running and jumping on rooftops. It’s Santa!


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Dec 182012

Remember Chuck Testa, the taxidermist who became an overnight viral video star after Rhett and Link made him a special commercial for his stuffing business?

Well, the countryman is back after Rhett and Link invited him over to act as Santa Claus for their cute kids. The adorable video, which is featured on DailyDot, DailyWhat, and StuffIStole, is part of their special Christmas playlist


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Dec 162012

When the religious right annually complains that Christmas is becoming less and less of a spiritual holiday, most people simply brush them off. But maybe they’re onto something. 

Just check out this new Samsung Galaxy commercial for their new wireless transfer service, called S Beam, that is dripping with inappropriate sexual innuendo.

And fans are loving it. Already, the new commercial has over 100,000 views


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Dec 082012

We all know that Santa delivers toys for all the good boys and girls for Christmas, but lets be real. In 2012, Santa is simply the UPS man.

And they know it. Tim Bryant posted this video of UPS deliveryman Ken Jones proudly singing Santa Is Your UPS Man.


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