Dec 302014
Little Kid Adorably Reacts To Evidence That Santa Visited

All kids know that Santa Claus travels around the world on Christmas Eve to deliver toys and treats to all the good boys and girls. But some parents take the fable to the extreme. Mike and his wife left evidence all around the house that Santa visited to the utter delight of his toddler son Archie. The kid couldn’t believe that there were footprints of snow apparently left by Santa, and that the reindeer ate the carrots they left outside. 


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Dec 252014
Dog In Santa Costume Rides Roomba Robot Sweeper

Sure, the pet riding a Roomba gag has been done many times before on the Internet. But The Big Shift has been trending over Christmas for injecting a special holiday twist into their video. They dressed their cute Boston Terrier, Five, in an adorable Santa costume. 

Merry Christmas!!


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Dec 012014
WestJet Brings A Christmas Miracle To Needy In Dominican Republic

Canadian airline WestJet has become known online for their charitable Christmas videos. Last holiday season they went viral with their touching video of when they gave an entire flight of passengers Christmas presents. That clip has over 36 million hits! This year, they traveled to the island country of the Dominican Republic to help those in need have a brighter Christmas. 


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Nov 302014
Even Santa Poops PooPourri Commercial Is Hilarious

Bathroom deodorizer Poo~Pourri went viral last year when they debuted their hilarious commercial promoting their toilet spray. That original ad has over 30 million hits! Now, the fragrance company is back with a new commercial just in time for the Holiday season. Yes, even Santa goes poo. 


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Dec 172013
Santa Parkour

Parkour master Ronnie Shalvis is well known for his epic parkour-themed videos. He’s gone viral many times before, most notably for his Assassin’s Creed Parkour and Star Wars Parkour videos. 

In honor of Christmas, he’s returned to dazzle viewers with a very special free running demonstration dressed as Santa Claus

For once it makes sense to be running and jumping on rooftops. It’s Santa!


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