Oct 282015
The $120 Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Across the country there are different and delicious regional foods. Pizza in NYC, Tex-Mex in Mexico, and the lobster roll in Maine. And in Philadelphia there is the delicious Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Somehow, a fancy restaurant managed to take the five dollar meal and turn it into a $120 feast using wagyu beef, foie gras, and truffle cheese whiz. Is it worth it? Eater decided to find out. 


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Aug 032015
Delicious Sandwiches From All Over The World That Will Make You Drool

Are you sick of the same greasy burgers and fast food chicken sandwiches? Are you looking for something new to eat for lunch? Well Food, People, Places is here to help. In this delicious video, they review 13 unusual sandwiches from all over the world. Drool! 


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Jul 272015
Robot Cooks Breakfast Egg Sandwich

Sure we all have mini-computers in our pockets that instantly connects us to the world’s most vast network in human history, but sometimes it still feels like we’re living in the present. Well no more. Now, we have finally made it to the future. How so? Because the Yaskawa Motoman SDA10 Dual Arm Robot can cook and put together an egg breakfast sandwich. That looks delicious. 


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Feb 192015
Robot Man Eats A Sandwich

Dancer Madd Chadd has perfected the art of imitating a robot. You know, the jerky kind that makes a loud servo noise every time it moves a joint. In this video, robot Chadd transfers energy from a sandwich to himself through his mouth like any decent robot would. 


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Dec 112014
Submarine Sandwich Made From Everyday Objects Stop Motion

PES is famous for his mind-blowing stop motion animations in which he artfully recreates a scene using unexpected objects. One of his best pieces is when he makes guacamole from random household objects. After a long hiatus, he has finally returned to make a delicious submarine sandwich using ‘tasty’ objects such as boxing gloves and footballs for meat, and playing cards for cheese. Mmm-mmm. Yum! 


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