Feb 192015
Robot Man Eats A Sandwich

Dancer Madd Chadd has perfected the art of imitating a robot. You know, the jerky kind that makes a loud servo noise every time it moves a joint. In this video, robot Chadd transfers energy from a sandwich to himself through his mouth like any decent robot would. 


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Dec 112014
Submarine Sandwich Made From Everyday Objects Stop Motion

PES is famous for his mind-blowing stop motion animations in which he artfully recreates a scene using unexpected objects. One of his best pieces is when he makes guacamole from random household objects. After a long hiatus, he has finally returned to make a delicious submarine sandwich using ‘tasty’ objects such as boxing gloves and footballs for meat, and playing cards for cheese. Mmm-mmm. Yum! 


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Sep 152014
What Is A Sandwich

Back in the day, everyone knew what a sandwich was. But recently, the definition of a sandwich has become more complicated. Is a stuffed pita a sandwich? What about a burrito? It matters because different foods are taxed or regulated based upon their food classifications. New York used to tax burritos as sandwiches until a judge ruled that the Mexican inspired wrap is not a sandwich. 

The Atlantic dissects and ponders what exactly is a sandwich in this delicious video


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May 152014
Alton Brown’s Grilled Cheese Sandwhich

Foodie Alton Brown is known for not following the status quo. He takes his food darn seriously, no matter how much more work it may involve. For his latest project, Alton explains and demonstrates how to make a true grilled cheese sandwich, not just a toasted sandwich with melted cheese inside. It may take a lot of extra work, but that looks darn delicious!


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Aug 242011

Luke may have Down syndrome, but that doesn’t mean he’s not hungry! He shows us how he makes his world famous ham and cheese sandwich, complete with Sun chips. Don’t forget the extra mayo. Mmm, now I’m getting hungry. Can you make an extra for me, Luke? 


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