Mar 112015
Samsung Has Strangers Speak To Deaf Man In Sign Language To Debut New Hearing Impaired Website

DigitalSynopsis teamed up with Korean technology company Samsung to make one day for a hearing impaired person extra special. Being deaf can make a person feel cut off from the rest of society. So they set up an entire day in which countless strangers communicated with a deaf man using sign language. At the end of the day, they revealed their new website made special for the hearing impaired. 

This heartwarming commercial has gone viral with over 5 million hits!


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Oct 072013
Samsung Smart Watch Commercial

For decades, science fiction has been dreaming of a watch with communication abilities. There are countless examples of such devices, from the Jetsons to James Bond movies.

Now, it has finally become a reality with the new Samsung smartwatch which seamless pairs up with the Galaxy smartphone. 

Samsung Mobile demonstrates how far we’ve come with this latest commercial touting their new watch. 


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Jun 172013

Corporate collaboration continues in the pop music world. Superstar Jay-Z is the most recent big name to team up with a major sponsor to promote themselves and help make their new corporate allies cool. 

In order to drum up hype for his new Magna Carta Holy Grail album, Jay-Z posted this special behind the scenes look at the making of the his new music under Samsung Mobile‘s YouTube channel. 

Samsung Galaxy fans can download the app on June 24th and get the album free on July 4th.


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Jun 162013

Music videos and marketing continue to meld. As we have seen before, more artists are turning from simply featuring a product, such as a smartphone or watch, in their music videos to dedicating entire songs to advertising.

Pop superstar Usher is the latest artist to follow this trend.

He and Samsung Televisions collaborated to create this ‘Looking 4 Myself’ music video which showcases the new South Korean motion controlled TV’s from Samsung, as well as Usher participating in some epic Matrix-inspired fighting. 


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Apr 302013

The smart phone wars have been raging for years now in both the marketplace and the courtroom, with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung‘s Galaxy in center ring. 

Online, Apple is famous for their ubiquitous artsy and powerful advertisements, while Samsung is known for poking fun at Apple

But, one brand of phones has seemingly been out of the picture this entire time, until now. 

Windows Phone maybe late to the party, but at least they know how to make a commercial that will trend online.

Using the same formula as Samsung, Microsoft tells a story of a wedding from two very different families, Samsung and Apple. 

Of course, the guests break out in a fight, all while the waiters wonder why no one uses the new Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone.

RedRum425 sums up the entire commercial, saying, “Funny commercial but so true even the fact that only 2 people had a windows phone.”


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