May 062015
Musician Performs ‘Enter Sandman’ Backwards Twice

The classic rock song Enter Sandman by Metallica is one of the world’s most famous rock and roll hits out there. To put his own unique twist on the song, musician Rob Scallon performed the song backwards, and then played his recording backwards.

His creative cover has gone viral with over one million views!


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May 052015
Jimmy Fallon And Jack Black Recreate “More Than Words” Music Video Shot For Shot

Everyone knows that Jimmy Fallon simply loves the 90’s. And nothing says the 90’s like slow rock song More Than Words by Extreme. As his guest was comedian and rocker Jack Black, the two took it upon themselves to recreate the famous music video shot for shot. 

It should be no surprise this video has instantly gone viral!


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Apr 272015
Middle Schoolers Perform Epic Cover Of Crazy Train

The Louisville Leopard Percussionists is a non-profit organization that offers extracurricular music opportunities to kids. In this clip, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders perform an awesome cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s classic rock song Crazy Train. They published this awesome music video in 2012, but it has only gone viral now with over half a million new views


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Apr 102015
Three Girls Cover ‘Enter Sandman’

Metallica’s Enter Sandman is considered one of the ultimate rock songs in music history. It’s a classic that every cover band must be able to recreate. The Warning is made up of three young girls, and the trio’s year old Sandman cover video is trending again!


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Mar 072015
Teenage Girl Shreds ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ On Guitar

It’s no secret that most teenage girls are in love with Katy Perry, Beyonce, and other famous pop music artists. But Tina S isn’t your average teenage girl. The French fifteen year is one talented guitarist and prefers rock and roll and heavy metal to all that pop nonsense. 

In her later video, she performs the guitar for Through The Fire And Flames by British power metal Dragonforce. Her shredding cover has over one million views already!


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