Apr 082016
65 Rock Songs Through Time

Like all music, rock and roll has seriously evolved over the years. What was once serious rock and roll is now considered almost dull and juvenile. Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs teamed up with  Ken Tamplin, and Gabriela Gunčíková to cover the past 65 years of rock and roll with 65 rock songs, starting with Rock Around The Clock, and ending with Psycho by Muse. 


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Mar 092016
Ultimate History Of Rock

Ever wonder what it would be like if Elvis, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and so many classic rock stars had social media to spread their music? Well wonder no more. Ithaca Audio reviews the past 60 years of rock and roll in this ultimate music video which features over 340 rock stars and 60 different classic rock songs. It’s so good, you won’t even notice that it’s 14 minutes long. 


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Feb 182016
Sorry By Justin Bieber Covered In 20 Different Styles

Even though it may seem that everyone hates Justin Bieber, there are obviously countless people who absolutely adore him. In honor of Bieber winning his first Grammy Award, Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs decided to cover his latest hit single, Sorry, in 20 different music styles, such as like Kiss, Creed, Hanson, and more! 


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Dec 202015
Heavy Metal Star Wars Theme

What’s more heavy metal than Darth Vader, the lord of the Sith, himself? Not much really. In honor of The Force Awakens, Velocity Records had some of the darkest and baddest characters from The Empire rock out and perform a very heavy metal version of all of our favorite Star Wars theme music. May the force be with you. Always. 


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Dec 052015
Dave Grohl And Animal Have A Drum Battle

Everyone knows that Animal from the Muppets loves rock and roll. But does he love rock more than Foo Fighters star Dave Grohl? That’s a good question. To find out, ABC Television had Grohl and Animal the muppet compete in a drum battle. 


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