Mar 072015
Teenage Girl Shreds ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ On Guitar

It’s no secret that most teenage girls are in love with Katy Perry, Beyonce, and other famous pop music artists. But Tina S isn’t your average teenage girl. The French fifteen year is one talented guitarist and prefers rock and roll and heavy metal to all that pop nonsense. 

In her later video, she performs the guitar for Through The Fire And Flames by British power metal Dragonforce. Her shredding cover has over one million views already!


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Feb 122015
Crowd Takes Over Concert Singing ‘Shook Me All Night Long’

At a concert this summer in Clifton Park, New York, musician Matt Nathanson invited Andrew McMahon onstage to perform Tom Petty’s American Girl together. Before the song, Matt started to strike a few chords to AC/DC’s classic rock song Shook Me All Night Long. That was all the crowd needed to start singing. The band was in shock as the crowd took over the concert and sang the entire song.

This video from the summer has only gone viral now with over half a million new hits


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Nov 112014
Adorable Baby Plays Drums For Heavy Metal

Little Wyatt isn’t even a toddler yet, but he’s already a big fan of heavy metal rock music. In this adorable clip, the little guy plays the drums for some Pantera. Of course, dad helps him out a little bit. The cuteness is off the charts! Vulgar Display Of Cuteness is a great band name.  


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Aug 082014
Bluegrass Country Cover Of Thunderstruck

Finnish country music band Steve Seagulls has gone viral with their latest rock music cover. The band put a bluegrass twist on the AC/DC rock song classic Thunderstruck, and have already amassed over 2.6 million views in just a week!


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Apr 262014
I Love Science Music Video

When you think of rock music, nerds and science geeks rarely come to mind. But Hank Green of education channel The vlog Brothers is changing all that. Hank stars in this rock music video about how much he and all other nerds love science. If you love the Internet, hot water, and being healthy, you too love science!


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