Oct 282013
Automatic Gas Station Refueling System

More and more technological prophecies from Back To The Future seem to be coming true.

Fans of the popular film will remember the scene in 2015 when the robotic attendant automatically fueled and diagnosed a car at the gas station. 

Now, Husky Corporation is bringing automatic gas station fueling to real life. They boast their new robot technology which allows drivers to stay in their safe, warm cars while filling up in this commercial video which has just gone viral.  


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Oct 252013
Robotboys And Poppin John Perform Inhuman Robo-Dance

Danish dance crew Robot Boys take ‘pop and locking’ robot dancing to the nth degree. They even won Denmark’s Got Talent back in 2008, with their winning performance garnering over 14 million views!

Now, they have finally returned to the web from too long of a hiatus with an impressive robo-dance with equally talented dancer Poppin John, and are trending with a viral boost from Reddit


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Oct 232013
Mini Homemade Robot Performs Triple Backflip-Landing

Back in July, Japanese YouTuber Hinamitetu posted video of his impressive miniature gymnastic robot which performed a Quadruple Backflip. That video went viral with over 900,000 views to date. 

Now, he has returned with his latest ‘bot to perform a Triple Backflip-Landing, and has already amassed over 550,000 hits this week!


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Oct 052013
Small Robot Cubes That Self-Assemble

MIT News Office reports on their latest project to come to fruition. 

Scientists and engineers at the world famous school have built small, modular cube robots, called M-Blocks, that have the amazing ability to self assemble

They have no external parts and look like any mundane three dimensional cube, but are able to move, jump, and work together. 

The new video featuring the tiny, cute ‘bots has already amassed over 450,000 views, and is further featured on MIT, CNet, TechCrunch, and LATimes


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Oct 042013
DARPA WildCat Robot Runs Fast Like A Cheetah

Boston Dynamics and DARPA collaborate to create state-of-the-art robots that may have utility in the military, such as for search and rescue missions. 

They are famous online for their impressive Big Dog and humanoid ‘bots. 

Now, they have just introduced their latest ‘animal’ in the robotic pack: the WildCat

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