Dec 232013
Google’s Schaft Robot Wins Robotics Challenge Competition

The SCHAFT robot performed at this year’s DARPA Robotics Challenge, and was one of the highlights from the competition.

The Google owned robot impressively performed tasks that would be crucial for a machine to complete in an emergency, life saving scenario, such as opening doors, breaking walls, and climbing stairs to save a person. 

Read more on Gizmodo, NYTimes, and IBTimes


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Dec 132013
NASA’s Superhero Robot

This video by the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers has gone viral with over half a million hits so far!

Nicolaus Radford of NASA’s Johnson Space Center showcases their new Valkyrie humanoid robot. The bot is covered with cameras and sensors, and has a modular design which allows for simple repairs and upgrades. 

Future iterations of the robot may very well end up on Mars. 


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Dec 102013
Four Cable Machine Draws Elaborate Art In Sand

David Bynoe constructed this cable driven drawing machine for the Telus Spark Science Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

The impressive drawing machine is comprised of four cables in the shape of an ‘X’ with four motors to manipulate a large metal ball in the center. Using a special computer, elaborate and intricate art can be formed by dragging the metal ball in sand. 

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