Oct 052013
Small Robot Cubes That Self-Assemble

MIT News Office reports on their latest project to come to fruition. 

Scientists and engineers at the world famous school have built small, modular cube robots, called M-Blocks, that have the amazing ability to self assemble

They have no external parts and look like any mundane three dimensional cube, but are able to move, jump, and work together. 

The new video featuring the tiny, cute ‘bots has already amassed over 450,000 views, and is further featured on MIT, CNet, TechCrunch, and LATimes


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Oct 042013
DARPA WildCat Robot Runs Fast Like A Cheetah

Boston Dynamics and DARPA collaborate to create state-of-the-art robots that may have utility in the military, such as for search and rescue missions. 

They are famous online for their impressive Big Dog and humanoid ‘bots. 

Now, they have just introduced their latest ‘animal’ in the robotic pack: the WildCat

Read more on ExtremeTechGeekologie, Salon, and Geek


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Sep 282013
Rice Engineering Students Build Robotic Arm For Disabled Teen

Dee Faught was born with the genetic disease Osteogenesis imperfecta, causing his bones to be extremely brittle. His bones are so weak, he can’t even lift lightweight objects. 

A very special engineering team of students at Rice University went above and beyond the call of duty to bring Dee and his parents hope by building a special robotic arm to give Dee more independence and spirit. 

The web loves this uplifting story, and as a result it has gone viral, amassing over 415,000 views in less than a week. The video is further featured on HuffPost, Neatorama, and KHOU


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Sep 182013
Super Mario Bros Music Played By Robot Piano And Drums

This nerdy music video by Robo Band was posted online in August, but is trending now more than ever!

The crew created a system in which the music for the classic Super Mario Bros. video game on Nintendo is played by a robo-piano and drum set. 

All the audio is interpreted by the computer and sent to be played on the piano and drums in real time. Even the sound effects.


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