Dec 252014
Dog In Santa Costume Rides Roomba Robot Sweeper

Sure, the pet riding a Roomba gag has been done many times before on the Internet. But The Big Shift has been trending over Christmas for injecting a special holiday twist into their video. They dressed their cute Boston Terrier, Five, in an adorable Santa costume. 

Merry Christmas!!


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Dec 242014
Man With No Arms Uses Fully Robotic Prosthetic Limbs For First Time

Les Baugh lost both of his arms in a freak electrical accident. Life has been extremely difficult ever since. But things may be turning around now that new technologies have been developed for amputees. Thanks to the hard work of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Les has become the first person in the world to wear two robotic prosthetic limbs that are completely controlled with the mind. 

This exciting video has gone viral with over 2 million hits!


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Dec 032014
Battery Organizing Robots Are Mesmerizing

Back in the day, humans populated factories for nearly all manufacturing. But today, more and more of those difficult, tedious jobs are being taken over by robots. Robots can simply do more work without the need for a break or a wage. Chris Baird was at PackExpo 2014 to check out all the newest packing technology and stumbled upon some sweet packing robots. He took video of two FANUC ‘bots that take a mess of batteries and perfectly organize them for packaging. So mesmerizing. 


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Nov 092014
Arm Robots Battle With Katana Swords

This is how it starts. First, we use arm robots commonly found in factories to have a pretend sword fight using Japanese katanas swords. But then, late one night they decide to stop fighting each other, and start fighting the humans. Well, we had a good run. All hail our new sword swinging overlord. This viral video was published by industrial company CPM Special Bearings.


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Aug 132014
Cake Decorating Robots Are Here

Baking a cake is simple compared to frosting and decorating right. One slip up and the entire cake can be ruined. Thankfully, we’re in the 21st century, and cake decorating robots are here. This video by food industry company unifiller is a year old, but is trending now. Their high tech robots can frost and decorate a cake in seconds, making a once tedious and difficult job a breeze. We’ll take three please. 


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