Dec 132015
Japanese Drone Capture Nearby Drones Using Net

If you weren’t sure that we are living in the future, here is concrete proof. Most developed countries are now dealing with an issue that didn’t exist just a few years ago. We’re talking about drones of course. Now that the price of a quadrocopter drone have fallen, nearly anyone can buy one and be flying it in minutes. Police and aviation authorities are struggling to control the situation. 

Things have gotten so out of hand in Japan that Tokyo police have started using their own drones with giant nets to literally capture quadrocopters flying in banned airspace. 


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Dec 102015
Automatic LEGO Cookie Icing Machine

JK Brickworks specialize in Lego Mindstorm robots and mechanical creations. Now that Christmas is around the corner, they have been thinking. There’s got to be an easier way to ice all these Christmas cookies. But how?

With a Lego robot of course! So they built this epic Lego Mindstorm cookie icing machine. This officially wins Christmas!


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Nov 052015
Girl’s Breakfast Feeding Machine Is A Big Mess

Simone Giertz is an inventor. Her latest project might not change the way we eat breakfast, but it will bring a smile to your face. The “breakfast machine,” as she calls it, is made of a uArm robot arm that pours cereal and milk into a bowl and feeds the user with a spoon. At least, it’s supposed to do that. The end result could be a bit smoother. 


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Nov 012015
Dad Builds Epic Mech Warrior Baby Carrier For Halloween

It’s always fun to see what new parents do for Halloween now that they have a baby to incorporate into their family costume. Nerd The Kylenator was inspired by his chest baby carrier for a costume this year that would make his son the star of the show. He build an epic Mech Warrior robot costume in which it appears his baby son is the driver of the beast machine. Definitely nerd approved!


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Oct 312015
Inside the Japanese Hotel Staffed by Robots

For decades now, science fiction has dreamed of a not so distant future where robots make the world a better place for mankind. Japan has been one the forefront of the robotic revolution for quite a while now. Now, that the technology has a some time to mature, Motherboard reports that there is now a hotel in Japan that is run entirely by robots. Cool or creepy? Or both?


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