Aug 202012

Large motorized carts in public places usually have an automated beep warning when moving. But when  was at the airport, they caught a cart driver beeping for the cart himself. As in he was saying, “Beep! Beep! Beep!” while slowly driving through the crowd. 

Laughs were had.


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Jun 042012

This ridiculously adorable kitten video just went viral since June, and is featured on TheDailyWhat and Jezebel.

In near perfect unison, a sink full of five precious kittens look up and down at something that must be darn interesting. What are they looking at??


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Apr 252012

Popular indy commercial makers, returned to their roots and finally released another fantastic small business commercial. 

The latest commercial is for Roller Kingdom in Reno, Nevada. Rhett, Link, and the owner and employees of Roller Kingdom act in the ridiculously retro ‘Say No To Drugs, Yes To Roller Skating’ commercial.

The video is quickly spreading across the ‘net, and is already featured StuffIStole and CollegeHumor.


Thanks R&T!

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