Jul 052016
Rescuing A Raccoon From Drowning

While celebrating the Fourth of July in the early morning, one of the crew members of DeltaBlues3 heard a quiet yelping sound. After further investigation, they discovered a small raccoon struggling to stay above the waters. 

Thankfully, they rescued the little guy. Phew!


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Dec 242015
Kitten Trapped In Storm Drain Is Rescued

The human animals lovers who run the Cole and Marmalade YouTube channel heard cries for help coming from a storm drain. But it wasn’t from a person. It was a kitten! After working with a crew of dedicated animal lovers in California, they were finally able to rescue the little kitten who was trapped for a day and a half. This touching rescue video has gone viral with over 330,000 hits!


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Oct 282015
Man Rescues Injured Baby Deer

Honeysada lives pretty far out in the woods. So it was no surprise when they saw a mama deer give birth to two fawns in their backyard. But after watching the new family, they noticed one of the babies seemed to have an injured leg. Soon, the mama deer left leaving the injured fawn behind. With so many bears and wolves around, they decided to take in the baby deer until it was strong enough to be released back into the wild. So cute! This adorable month old video has gone viral with over four million views!


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Sep 262015
Man Rescues Baby Fox Tangled In Net

Most people don’t realize how many things we take for granted can easily become a hazard for wildlife, especially young animals. A baby fox became deeply tangled in a soccer net, but thankfully, a kind wildlife volunteer helped free the cute cub. Wildlife Aid published this video last year, but it is trending again now. 


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Nov 172014
Syrian ‘Hero Boy’ Rescuing Girl During Shootout Is Fake

This week old video purportedly featuring a young Syrian boy saving a younger girl in distress during a shootout amid the raging civil war instantly went viral, and stands with over 3.3 million views! Countless copies of the video has spread across the Web with many more views. 

The only problem is, as is the case with so many viral videos these days, the entire clip was a fabrication, created by Norwegian filmmakers using professional actors on the set of The Gladiator.

The way the camera shakes so ‘realistically’ really gives it away. The director said he created the short film to spur conversation about the horrific war that’s been going on in Syria for so long now.  


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