Jun 222014
Boaters Rescue Drowning Squirrel

While sailing on the Somerset Reservoir, LiftlineRedcoat and his son noticed something in the water. Upon further investigation, they discovered it was a squirrel struggling to stay above the water. Thankfully, dad jumped in and rescued the little guy who seemed extremely relieved. In the end, they tossed him to the shoreline where he safely swam to dry land. This rescue video is actually from last September, but it has only gone viral now with over half a million new views!


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Jun 162014
Man Rescues Puppy In Canyon Short Film

This short film was published in 2013, but it has only gone viral now with over half a million new views! While hiking through the desert in 2010, Zak Anderegg discovered a puppy trapped deep in a canyon slot in Arizona. He knew he couldn’t just leave the little guy, so he grabbed his gear and his camera and started the difficult process of extracting Riley who is now a member of his family. 


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Dec 172013
Sick, Homeless Dog Living In Trash Gets Rescued, Then She Helps Rescue Another Traumatized Dog

Eldad Hagar of Hope For Paws is on a mission to help any needy animal. 

His organization recently received a call of a sick dog living in a trash dump. She was weak, tired, and suffering from mange. After taking a quick trip to the vet, Miley was doing much better. 

But what amazed Eldad was how Miley ended up helping another traumatized rescue, Frankie, heal by taking him under her wing. 

This video telling the emotional story was only posted last Thursday, but has gone viral with over 4 million views!


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Oct 192012

Brit Charlie Head was on a paddle board trip from Cornwall to London when he couldn’t believe his eyes. He spotted a small Shih Tzu puppy on the rocks trapped by the tide. 

He pulled up to the rocks with only a little time before the tide completely covered the puppy and saved the day. Luckily, all is well.


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Oct 182012

Perhaps it’s because nearly every American watched Disney‘s animated classic Dumbo as a kid that we all seem to have a very special place in our hearts for elephants, especially baby ones. 

That’s what makes this latest video from elephant research and conservation project Amboseli Trust for Elephants that has started to trend now so special.

An eight month old calf became stuck in a shallow well with his mom nearby who was becoming visibly ever more frustrated not being to save her baby. 

Luckily, the the Trust got word of the issue and sent two jeeps to check out the situation. After some hard work they were successful. 

There are few things cuter than seeing a baby elephant run full speed after mom. “Moooom! Wait for meee!”


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