Nov 182013
Girls Can Be A-Holes At The Bar Comedy Sketch

In their latest Girls Can Be A–Holes sketch, NOKAT Comedy demonstrates how girls often label the average guy with good manners at the bar as ‘creepy’ if they aren’t interested in him. 

But the stalker who knows all their personal information? Who cares? He’s hot!


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Nov 052013
Picking Up Girls With A Ferrari Social Experiment

Remember Vitaly’s Gold Digger Test where he asked a girl out, and only after being turned down did he reveal he had a sweet Lamborghini? The girl quickly had a change of heart, and failed the test. That video managed to amass over 26 million hits!

While visiting Las Vegas, the boys of TrueStory ASA tried a similar prank by asking girls out on the street next to a Ferrari. 

Will girls put their plans on hold to impulsively hop into a super expensive car of a stranger? 


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Nov 042013
Woman Discusses Life With Short Term Memory Loss Animation

Remember the 2000′s movie Memento where the main character had short term memory loss and had to write everything down to remind himself of simplest things, like who his friends were? 

Gweneviere Mann has a very similar short-term memory disorder following a bumpy brain surgery to remove a tumor. 

She and her boyfriend Yasir Salem discuss the trials and tribulations of dealing with her new memory and its affect on their relationship in this touching Story Corps animation. 


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Nov 032013
What Does My Girl Say SNL Ylvis Parody Music Video

Like nearly everyone else, this week’s SNL host, Kerry Washington, is sick of What The Fox Say by Ylvis.

But when she catches her boyfriend, played by Jay Pharaoh, texting with another girl, she can’t help but walk away, prompting him to break out into a hilarious spoof of the viral meme, What Does My Girl Say

NBC just posted the hilarious parody from this week’s episode of SNL, which has understandably gone viral already. 


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Oct 292013
Picking Up Girls In A Fat Suit Social Experiment

You’ve most likely heard it before, but Simple Pickup went out to actually prove it. Girls aren’t necessarily attracted to money, or even good looks. What matters most is personality and confidence. 

To prove this, Jason donned a fat suit, and confidentially asked random girls for their number.

Will they hand over the digits?


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