Oct 172013
Cheesy Magic Pick Up Lines

Magician Calen Morelli combined cheesy pick up lines with equally cheesy magic tricks for his latest video which is now trending. 

For one trick, Calen approached girls on campus and introduced himself. He then confessed it was his birthday wish to go on a date with them, and pulled a candle out of thin air. 

How could any girl refuse?


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Oct 172013
Tinder The Movie Trailer

Back when Facebook was still cool, and The Social Network was all the buzz, countless spoofs and parodies of the film naturally emerged online.

Now, Bad Weather Films is bringing the trend back to parody the new hot social-app on the streets, Tinder, with the same feel and ambiance as the original trailer for the Facebook flick. 

The new video is already featured on Digg, TastefullyOffensive, WhatsTrending, and EliteDaily


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Oct 152013
The Gold Digger Test

Now that Russian YouTube prankster Vitalyzd has grown so popular, he has a problem most men wish for. Girls are much more interested in him.

Problem is, he can’t be sure if they are gold diggers after his YouTube fame and success or not, so he contrived a test.

He asked one girl at the beach who caught his eye if she would go out with him, and only after getting the cold shoulder did he open his (most likely rented) Lamborghini and ask a second time. 

Funny how the girl had an instant change of heart, offering to go to a bar down the street right then and there. 


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Oct 142013
NSA Agents Choose Sides Over The Couple They Are Tracking Comedy Sketch

NSFW Language 

By now, the outrage over the fact that the NSA is spying on everyday Americans has died down. As expected.

It seems no one is really that worried they are being tracked when there is celebrity nonsense and a failing government to worry about. 

But NSA agents don’t need celebrity drama when they have the very real relationship excitement of ordinary people to watch and enjoy. 

This is demonstrated in The Second City Network‘s new comedy sketch, You had me at NSA, where two NSA agents choose sides over the feuding couple they are following. 


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Sep 212013
Girlfriend Ruins GTA V For Boyfriend

The popular pranking couple of Prank vs Prank naturally had to make a special video in honor of the new Grand Theft Auto V that is all the rave right now. 

Naturally, Jesse is already hooked on GTA V, so much so that his girlfriend Jeana is feeling neglected. But she figured she’d take advantage of his new addiction to finally get some prank revenge. 

And it seems viewers agree with her obstructing tactics, as the video is quickly going viral through the weekend. 

Already, the new clip has amassed over 800,000 views!


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