Jan 282014
Police Arrest Boyfriend For Scariest Proposal Prank Ever

Matt wanted to propose to his girlfriend Samantha Labo in a way she would never forget. 

So he colluded with the New London Police to have them pull him and his girlfriend over and arrest him for no apparent reason. 

Just before he was dragged off to jail he popped the question to his understandably emotionally upset girlfriend. 

The police dash camera caught the entire scene on video which is featured by UpRoxx and Gawker


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Jan 242014
The Difference Between A Guy Who Wants To Be Friends VS More Than Friends

Can guys and girls be just friends? It’s a question that’s been debated for years. 

To clear up some of the confusion, Wong Fu Productions demonstrates in this newly trending video the difference between a guy friend, and a guy who wants to be more than just friends. 


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Jan 152014
Lauren Ash Discusses Dates From Hell With Conan

Dating is hard, but actress Lauren Ash is having an especially difficult time finding a normal mate in LA.

While visiting Conan, she divulged a slew of recent dating horror stories, such as the date who sniffed her armpit.


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Jan 092014
Smooth Ventriloquist Picks Up Girls On The Subway

Everyone knows that girls can’t resist a guy with sense of humor.

Knowing this, Model Pranksters sent Nigel ‘Docta Gel’ Dunkley on the New York City subway to woo some girls with his hilarious ventriloquist act

It’s no surprise that he got a couple of numbers. 


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