Sep 112014
Weird Things All Couples Fight About

The thing with relationships is that it’s the little things. The little things can make a good relationship, or more likely break one. BuzzFeed covers all the weird little things that nearly every couple will eventually fight about at one time or another.

Amazingly, this is spot on. 


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Jun 192014
Picking Up Girls In A Lamborghini Without Talking Prank

If you want to be popular with the ladies you have to take care of yourself, dress well, and be respectable and confident. Or as YouTube prankster Vitalyzd demonstrates in this new video, just drive a Lamborghini! To show the power the super sports car has on women, Vitaly drove around Hollywood picking up girls in his Lambo without even saying one word.


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May 132014
Ask Girls Out Using Their Own Dating Advice

It’s no secret, girls love giving dating advice. Prankster Freddy Fairhair and his friend capitalized on this fact for their latest prank video. The two took turns approaching girls and asking them for dating advice. Then, the other would inconspicuously come by moments later and use the exact advice they just offered seconds ago. Even though most girls pick up that something is afoot, many still can’t help but give their number. 


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May 052014
Girls Answer Questions Guys Are Embarrassed To Ask

Let’s face it. Guys have a lot of questions for girls that they are simply too embarrassed to ask to their faces. Thankfully, BuzzFeed took it upon themselves to help all guys out by asking a group of girls a slew of embarrassing questions. And it seems to have paid off as the question video has amassed over 1.9 million hits!


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Mar 262014
Grandfather Practices Wingmanning With Grandson

YouTube channel Young Old features a young dude and his grandfather who discuss modern relationship slang and issues. 

In this entertaining episode, Ethan explains what wingmanning is to Joe. The two even go through a practice run at home. It seems Grandpa Joe needs some more practice as he can’t help but pick up the girls himself. 


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