Oct 062014
Weird Things All Couples Fight About Part 2

Being in a long term relationship is something nearly everyone wishes for around the world. The stability, companionship, and love are all universal human desires. But with the lovey-dovey stuff comes the negative. It seems all couples have fights about the most ridiculous and insubstantial things. BuzzFeed is back with another hilarious dose of silly things all couples fight about. 


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Oct 032014
Romantic Surprise A Cappella Proposal

Omar Kenawi has been long-distance dating his girlfriend Susan for almost two years now. But instead of their love weakening, it only became stronger. Omar knew he wanted to marry Susan, so he set up this romantic proposal inspired by Susan’s favorite musical, Rent. Susan’s friends had her to go to the Griffith Observatory in LA only to be surprised by Omar and an a cappella group.


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Sep 282014
Weird Things Couples Do On Movie Night Are So True

“What do you want to do tonight” is a question everyone in a relationship hates to hear. Most of the time, we all just end up watching a movie on Netflix at home. The funny things is, what occurs during the movie night is almost universal in all relationships as BuzzFeed demonstrates in this amusing sketch


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Sep 252014
Fat Girl Tinder Date Social Experiment

Apparently, the number one fear for men dating online is that the woman will end up being over weight. To test this theory, the bros of Simple Pickup had their attractive friend Sarah set up a few dates on Tinder. But when she met her dates they had her wear a fat suit.



They did the same thing with a hot guy in a fat suit. The results were quite different though:


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Sep 222014
If Women Were Honest On Dates

First dates are always mysterious. Both players often put on a mask while attempting to figure the other out. Things would be a lot easier if everyone was just honest at the start. BuzzFeed thought it would be fun to imagine what it would look like if women were completely honest while on a date. “I’m only here because all of my friends have boyfriends.”


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