Jan 072015
Jimmy Fallon Missed His Chance To Date Nicole Kidman

How depressed would you be if you found out years later that you had a chance to date Australian actress Nicole Kidman, but you foolishly blew your chance? That’s exactly what happened to Jimmy Fallon. While hosting the popular actress, Nicole retold the story from years ago when the two first met. Jimmy didn’t realize it at the time, but Nicole thought they were going on a date. Jimmy had no idea and only realized that he screwed up now. This video has instantly gone viral with over over 3 million hits


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Jan 052015
Benny The Bull Steals Celtics Fan’s Girlfriend During Kiss Cam

The kiss cam is always a hit. But no one at the stadium, or online, ever expected this outcome. During Saturday’s Bulls-Celtics game, the kiss cam swept around the stadium showcasing adorable couples kissing as per usual. Except for one couple where the obvious Celtics fan boyfriend kept ignoring his girl.

That’s when Benny the Bull came in for the rescue. He dumped her drink on the Celtics fan and literally stole the girl. Naturally, the crowd went wild. Even if it’s an obvious fake, the Internet can’t help but chuckle as well at this instant viral clip. 


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Dec 192014
Couple’s Photo Booth Proposal Is Adorable

Kevin wanted his proposal to his long time girlfriend to be short and sweet. So he decided to propose in a photo-booth. His girlfriend Molly’s reaction to the proposal is super cuter. Now, this adorable video has instantly gone viral with over 1.5 million hits!


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Dec 172014
Man Surprises Wife With Second Wedding On Their Tenth Anniversary

Steven knew he had to do something special for his ten year anniversary with his wife Kelli, so he took things to the next level. For months, he planned a second wedding, complete with all of their friends and family, a 75-piece marching band, and a choir. You are guaranteed to smile. 


Thanks Iris Films.

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Dec 152014
Things Couples Talk About After A Party

A couples party is a fun way for busy couples to get together and catch up on what’s new. But after the party, each couple inevitably has the same conversation. You know, when you dissect the evening and compare yourselves to the other couples. BuzzFeed perfectly recreates the things couples talk about after the party in this hilarious video


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