Dec 202013
Man Makes Video Game To Propose

Video games used to be just for nerds, but today, nearly everyone plays at least a little.

Robert Fink wanted to propose to his girlfriend Angel White in a special way, so he teamed up with his programming buddy Ryan and his musician friend Jack to create a small, but fully functioning video game, appropriately called Knight Man.

Angel only took 12 minutes to beat the game, but she can be seen smiling the entire way through. 

The ending? Simply beautiful! 

The video is already featured on Yahoo, NYDailyNews, KATU, and PixelProposal


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Dec 182013
Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

You know when you’re in the beginning of an exciting relationship but you notice your significant other starts dropping weird, awkward red flags more and more?

Ya, don’t ignore them.

The longer you ignore them and invest in the relationship, the more difficult the break up is gonna be. Especially when your SO is literally crazy. 

Not sure what constitutes as a red flag? BuzzFeed Yellow covers a slew of them in this new enlightening video


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Dec 182013
How To Text A Girl

It’s no secret that most long distance flirting and chit-chatting has shifted from the traditional phone to texting. 

But most guys have no idea what they are doing on the keyboard.

Texting isn’t easy. It’s an art form.

Thankfully, popular comedian and animator sWooZie explains for all the romantically challenged guys how to properly text a girl they are interested in. 


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Dec 062013
Picking Up Girls By Speaking Italian

Prankster Whatever sent his Italian buddy Raffaello onto the streets to test an old adage. Do girls really fall head over heels for a romantic foreign guy?

Apparently, yes. Even when they can’t understand a word he says, many offer their phone numbers.

But how are you going to meet up later if you can’t understand each other…?


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Nov 182013
Girls Can Be A-Holes At The Bar Comedy Sketch

In their latest Girls Can Be A–Holes sketch, NOKAT Comedy demonstrates how girls often label the average guy with good manners at the bar as ‘creepy’ if they aren’t interested in him. 

But the stalker who knows all their personal information? Who cares? He’s hot!


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