Oct 292013
Picking Up Girls In A Fat Suit Social Experiment

You’ve most likely heard it before, but Simple Pickup went out to actually prove it. Girls aren’t necessarily attracted to money, or even good looks. What matters most is personality and confidence. 

To prove this, Jason donned a fat suit, and confidentially asked random girls for their number.

Will they hand over the digits?


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Oct 282013
Written It Down Improv Comedy

Written It Down is a brand new completely unscripted improv comedy show that just debuted online.

In this first episode, Stuart Packham and Sophie Miller Chatfield play a couple breaking up who only discover the reason for their rocky relationship in the middle of the sketch. 

“Delivering bad news is hard to do… especially when you don’t know what it is.” 


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Oct 232013
Using Siri To Get A Date

We all know how helpful the iPhone’s Siri is, but can it really help you get a date?

The Internet’s favorite magician of love, Stuart Edge, attempted to find out in his latest video, Using Siri To Get A Date

He and his lady friend sat next to attractive eligibles around campus, and openly asked Siri how to ask out the cute person next to them. 

The person couldn’t help but overhear and blush, but were truly amazed when Siri somehow called the ‘cute guy/girl next to you’ and their phone actually rang!

Stuart claims that “as crazy as this video may seem, it isn’t fake.”

Legitimate or not, it’s a fun video that is quickly trending online. 


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Oct 182013
Serenading Random Girls During University Lecture

The crew of Nelk Filmz traveled to a slew of Canadian universities, and walked into completely random lecture halls during class. 

They quickly chose one girl in the room, even a female professor, and began to serenade her with flowers and a love song with an acoustic guitar.  

This takes guts.


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Oct 172013
Couple Plays Out A Relationship In 5 Minutes


These days even a serious relationship seems to go by in a flash.

But few couples can compare with this relationship between improv artists Autumn Stein and Matthew C. Flynn which only last five minutes. The two go through all the ups and downs, the good times and bad, faster than most commercial breaks.

The video was posted by Restless Short Films two weeks ago, but is going viral now more than ever, and is further reviewed on sites such as DailyDot, Gawker, HyperVocal, and UpRoxx.  


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