Nov 162014
Adorable Aussie American Couple Translates Australian Words In American English

Just because Australians and Americans both speak English doesn’t mean they speak the same language. Sure, the basics are pretty similar, but there are more differences than most people realize. Australian pastor Mark Brown and his lovely American wife take turns translating Australian words into American English, and vice-versa, in this adorable video


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Nov 152014
Wife Raps Along To Salt And Pepa In The Car

Paulo Salomao‘s wife likes to sing along with the radio. A lot. But Paulo doesn’t mind. He feels like the luckiest man on Earth to have such a cute and outgoing wife. So when Salt And Pepa was pumping on the radio and his wife went full ‘gangsta’ and rapped along, he was not surprised. 

Instead, he just took out his smartphone to record her. Now, the Web has fallen in love. 


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Nov 012014
Weird Things Couples Do In A Hotel Room

Going to a hotel is like going on a mini-vacation. You get a nice little apartment that has everything you need for the night. But the experience is much different when you go with your girlfriend or wife than when you go alone. BuzzFeed covers all the weird little things couples do in a hotel room in this humorous video.  


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Oct 282014
Husband Has Adorable Reaction To Bun In The Oven Pregnancy Announcement

This video was posted a year ago, but is trending now more than ever after going viral on Reddit. After confirming that she was finally pregnant, wife K told her husband the good news in the cutest way possible, by literally putting a hamburger bun in the oven. It took J a moment to put the pieces together, but his reaction when he finally realizes what’s going on is adorable. Congrats on the cute little boy!


Via DailyPicks.

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