Oct 122014
Dancing Lip-Dub Proposal At Cafe Will Melt Your Heart

It’s been done in many different forms before, but that doesn’t make this proposal any less special. After dating for a while, Bret decided to propose to his girlfriend Jovan. But he didn’t want to do it in a lame, boring way. So he hired a team of 40 professional dancers, and gathered all of Jovan’s friends and family to perform a magical dancing, lip dub proposal at a cafe. 

The video has gone viral over the weekend after NBC’s new TV show Marry Me posted it on their YouTube channel. 


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Oct 122014
Lies All Couples Tell Each Other

Being in love means that there are no secrets. Everything is on the table. Of course, there are always a couple lies that every couple tells each other. You know, those lies that you tell to keep the house in peace. BuzzFeed covers a few of these examples in this humorous video


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Oct 062014
Weird Things All Couples Fight About Part 2

Being in a long term relationship is something nearly everyone wishes for around the world. The stability, companionship, and love are all universal human desires. But with the lovey-dovey stuff comes the negative. It seems all couples have fights about the most ridiculous and insubstantial things. BuzzFeed is back with another hilarious dose of silly things all couples fight about. 


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Oct 032014
Romantic Surprise A Cappella Proposal

Omar Kenawi has been long-distance dating his girlfriend Susan for almost two years now. But instead of their love weakening, it only became stronger. Omar knew he wanted to marry Susan, so he set up this romantic proposal inspired by Susan’s favorite musical, Rent. Susan’s friends had her to go to the Griffith Observatory in LA only to be surprised by Omar and an a cappella group.


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