Oct 162014
Red Neck Couch Moving Is Actually Genius

There are enough videos online of people performing stupid acts in order to save time that one could never watch them all. But for once, these time savers actually successfully completed their mission. A group of people use a ‘red neck’ technique to move a couch from the third floor of an apartment building using just rope. It seems that everything is about to go wrong the entire time. But somehow, it works! Genius!


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Oct 012014
Bluegrass Country Hoedown Cover Of Anaconda By Nicki Minaj

Country music may be the last style of music that comes to mind when one thinks of rap pop star Nicki Minaj. That’s what makes this latest cover by Scott Bradlee and The Postmodern Jukebox so good! Somehow, the crew was able to reinterpret Nicki’s latest hit single Anaconda as a bluegrass country song. Ya, this might be better than the original. 


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Sep 062014
Amish Built Barn In Just One Day

The Amish are known for their traditional life style and excellent craftsmanship. Scott Miller set up a stop motion camera to capture a group of Ohio Amish building a barn over the course of a day. He packed their ten hours of hard work into one quick mesmerizing video that has gone viral. 


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Aug 152014
Black Widow By Iggy Azalea Bluegrass Cover

Rap star Iggy Azalea has a new single out, Black Widow. Cover artists The Gregory Brothers were quick, and have already debuted a unique cover of the song. But instead of covering it as a rap song, they reproduced it as a bluegrass country tune.  


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Jan 102014
Famous YouTuber To Dance With Pet Raccoon, Mark Brown Is Running For Tennessee Governor In 2014

Mark “Coonrippy” Brown of the YouTube channel Swamp Music has gone viral in the past for his pet raccoon videos and the subsequent turmoil that erupted when the authorities took his pet away. 

Now, in honor of his Rebekah, Mark is running for governor of the great state of Tennessee to put America back on track. 


Via 22Words.

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