Oct 122013
Freestyling With My Mom

Jimmy Fallon gave his Late Night viewers a beat and asked them to perform a freestyle rap with their moms. Naturally, the web couldn’t resist the challenge to upload their goofy mom raps online. 

Then Jimmy remixed the best submissions together into this new video which is trending over the weekend. 


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Oct 092013
Coolio Performs Gansta’s Paradise With College Students At Their House After Concert

Rapper Coolio is no doubt most famous for his hit 90′s single Gangsta’s Paradise

After performing a concert in Preston, Lancashire, England, Coolio decided to hang out with some of the concertgoers, even going home with them to “cook them dinner,” says University of Central Lancashire student and redditor Lorcantc.

“He was playing a gig in our city, and a few of my housemates were in the VIP after party. He came back to our house afterwards, and told us that he wasn’t busy that night so would come over and cook us dinner. Possibly the most bizarre night of my life.”

After dinner, Coolio and his new college buddies performed an obligatory acoustic jam cover of Gangsta’s Paradise, published by YouTuber Olivia Johnson-Aley, that is going viral after being posted on Reddit


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Oct 092013
Positive Decisions Rap Music Video

Everyday we have the choice to make good or bad life decisions.

We can wake up early or hit the snooze, eat fast food for lunch or a whole grain sandwich. 

Pat Stansik only makes positive decisions and wants to help others do the same, so he made this positive decision rap music video to motivate and inspire. 

So make a positive decision and watch the video. 


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Oct 072013
Hitler VS Darth Vader Rap Battle Part 3

NSFW Warning – Language

YouTube‘s most popular rap show, Epic Rap Battles of History, has finally returned!

After two previous battles in past, the evil Adolf Hitler and Darth Vader face off for the third and final time

Which dark lord do you think won?


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