Dec 052013
Benedict Cumberbatch Reads R. Kelly’s ‘Genius’ On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Emmy, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominee Benedict Cumberbatch was hosted on the same show as R. Kelly on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In honor of the rare juxtaposition, Jimmy asked Benedict to recite some of the lyrics of Kelly’s hit song Genius

Naturally, the crowd went wild, and now the video is going viral. 


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Dec 032013
Michael Jordan VS Muhammad Ali Epic Rap Battles of History

Key and Peele of Comedy Central take part in this latest match of the web’s most popular rap show, Epic Rap Battles of History.

Peele acts as world famous boxer Muhammad Ali, and verbally clashes with Key who performs as the one and only Bulls superstar Michael Jordan. 


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Nov 252013
Seth Rogen And James Franco Spoof Kanye West Kim Kardashian Music Video

The Internet groaned after Kanye West posted his new music video Bound 2, featuring reality TV queen Kim Kardashian. 

After watching the ridiculous music video, Hollywood bros James Franco and Seth Rogen teamed up while on set of their new movie The Interview to spoof the pop video, shot for shot.

It’s the ultimate bromance with Franco as West and a shirtless Rogen as Kim. And the web is loving it. 


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Nov 212013
Rapper Proposes To Girlfriend During Rap Battle

Rap battles aren’t usually a romantic event, which is what makes this specific rap battle so special.

Instead of insulting his opponent, one rap competitor instead confessed his love to his teammate Jackie, and proposed to screaming applause. 

Now, the clip posted by Don’t Flop Entertainment is trending.


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Nov 182013
Bob Ross VS Picasso Epic Rap Battles Of History

Popular rap show Epic Rap Battles of History has finally returned with another rap-tastic episode!

This time, they pin the Internet’s favorite chilled painter, Bob Ross, against the historic and melancholy Pablo Picasso.


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