Jan 012014
2013 Rap Up Wrap Up Music Video

Last year, popular YouTube rap star DeStorm Power closed the year with his 2012 Rap Up and amassed over 1.5 million views

Now, he has returned to end 2013 with the same enthusiasm and flow, recapping all of the more memorable moments from the past year in this new 2013 Rap Up music video


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Dec 192013
Donald Trump VS Ebeneezer Scrooge Epic Rap Battles Of History

Could Donald Trump be the modern version of the infamous miser Ebeneezer Scrooge?

The popular online rap show Epic Rap Battles of History seems to think so, and pinned the two against each other in their latest rap battle to determine which is the greatest Christmas grump of them all. 


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Dec 142013
christmas jammies

To promote their new media website, VisitTheGreenRoom, Penn and Kim Holderness used their production powers to make this adorable 21st century Christmas ‘card.’

Mom, dad, and their two kids star in the cheesy Christmas-themed spoof of Will Smith’s Miami, and rap about their holiday jammies. They also drop plenty of plugs for their careers, but the web seems OK with that for now. 



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Dec 052013
Benedict Cumberbatch Reads R. Kelly’s ‘Genius’ On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Emmy, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominee Benedict Cumberbatch was hosted on the same show as R. Kelly on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In honor of the rare juxtaposition, Jimmy asked Benedict to recite some of the lyrics of Kelly’s hit song Genius

Naturally, the crowd went wild, and now the video is going viral. 


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Dec 032013
Michael Jordan VS Muhammad Ali Epic Rap Battles of History

Key and Peele of Comedy Central take part in this latest match of the web’s most popular rap show, Epic Rap Battles of History.

Peele acts as world famous boxer Muhammad Ali, and verbally clashes with Key who performs as the one and only Bulls superstar Michael Jordan. 


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