Jul 032014
Elders React to Epic Rap Battles Of History

One of YouTube’s most popular original series is Epic Rap Battles of History by musicians and comedians Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD. Their show has been going strong for a number of years now. As the show is so popular with young people, The Fine Brothers decided to present it to their elders to see how they react


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Jun 172014
Brian Williams ‘Raps’ Baby Got Back

Sir Mix A Lot just recently went viral after performing his famous hit rap song Baby Got Back at the Seattle Symphony. That video has amassed over 2.4 million views! Now, Jimmy Fallon‘s editors have again sliced and diced video of NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams to make it appear that he is rapping the hit big-butt dance song. Naturally, the new music video has instantly gone viral. 


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Jun 162014
Sir Isaac Newton VS Bill Nye Epic Rap Battle

There’s no question Bill Nye The Science Guy has swagger. But is he cooler than Sir Isaac Newton? Now that’s a good question. Epic Rap Battles of History decided to find out, so they held a pumped up rap battle between the two famous scientist with Weird Al guest starring. Who won? Science won!


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Jun 122014
Mountain Biker VS Road Biker Rap Battle

In the bicycle world there are two very different kind of bikers. There’s the street bicyclist who bikes for exercise and to get around town. And then there’s the more adventurous mountain biker who wants to get dirty and take biking to the extreme. The two will never completely get along, so to finally settle the score, IFHT held a highly entertaining rap battle. So who do you think won?


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Jun 102014
Two Singers Cover ‘Fancy’ With Improv Impersonations

Musician Danny Padilla and his partner in crime Mason Sperling went viral last month with their ridiculous cover of the new hit dance beat Wiggle by Jason Derulo. Instead of covering the song as expected, the two took turns prompting the other to sing in an outrageous voice or celebrity impression. The resulting performance was hilarious, and stands with over 400,000 views

Now, the two have returned to perform the same magic on the hit song Fancy. This gonna be good!


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