Apr 252014
Fast & Furious Chase Remade With Remote Control Cars

At first glance, this realistic car chase may look like it came directly out of one of the Fast & Furious movies. Shockingly, the entire video is made with miniatures. Vax Studio made the epic clip using remote control cars as a rightful tribute to Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker.

The video isn’t even a month old, and has already garnered over 400,000 views!


Via YouTubeNation.

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Apr 032014
Honda’s Fastest Lawnmower

Honda makes many different types of engines and machines. But they are also well known for their racing technology. So it’s no surprise that the popular Japanese motor company has unveiled the world’s fastest lawnmower.  

It’s even official according to the world famous Guinness World Records

Just imagine mowing the lawn Sunday afternoon and shocking the neighbors with your mower capable of speeds over 115 miles per hour! 


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Mar 252014
Gymkhana Style Semi Truck Drifting

Forget the race cars and rally speedsters. Stunt driver Mike Ryan ditches his traditional wheels to race in a semi-truck tractor trailer! He pulls off mind-numbing turns and drifts in a truck usually dedicated to boringly hauling freight on a Gymkhana style race course. 


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Mar 142014
Transforming Formula One

It’s a new technological world, and even Formula One is getting with the program. 

Infiniti Red Bull Racing appointed racers Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel to explain the updates to the new F1 race car and the new regulations for 2014. 

This video has already amassed over half a million hits!


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Mar 072014
Gamer Performs Flawless Race Playing Initial D Arcade

You could say Josh is a master video game driver. In this video posted by his sister Jodice, he plays one of the hardest levels on the Japanese arcade race game Initial D and puts on a nearly flawless performance. He speeds through sharp turns and spins the wheel like it’s second nature. He must have spent countless quarters to get to this level. 


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