Oct 112013
Siren Of The Lambs Meat Truck With Stuffed Animals Art Exhibit By Banksy

World famous artist Banksy challenged the meat packing industry in New York City with his latest outdoor art piece.

To protest the meat industry, he had a meat truck drive around town with squeaking, crying stuffed animals peeking their heads out of the delivery vehicle of death, dubbed Siren Of The Lambs

The new video is already covered on HypeBeast, AnimalNewYork, and Independent


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Oct 092013
Firemen Spray Police With Foam At Brussels Protest

After announcements of national budget cuts for the fire department, Brussels firemen protested outside of the Prime Minister’s office. RT reports that they blocked traffic with their firetrucks and even sprayed the police with water and foam.  


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Sep 072013
Pennsylvania Man Pays $7,000+ Tax Bill In Singles

As a form of protest, one Easton, PA man decided to pay his property tax bill of over $7,000 in one dollar bills.

While waiting on the tax collection clerk, he gave a speech on how property taxes are simply a form of extortion, as his house would be taken if he didn’t pay his bill. 

In the end, the cash was so great, the tax payer had to travel with the clerk to the bank to verify the amount. 

Now, this Lemonade Freedom video has gone viral with over 185,000 views, and is trending over the weekend. 


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Jul 312013

Jimmy Fallon so was outraged by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010 that he was motivated to write a song called Balls In Your Mouth to protest. He’s already gone viral performing the song as a duet with Eddie Vedder and Florence Welch

As Halliburton has recently plead guilty to destroying critical evidence concerning the oil rig, and tar continues to plague the once beautiful Gulf Coast, Jimmy was inspired to perform his protest song again, this time with country music star Brad Paisley.


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Jun 192013

Though it may not seem so according to the world media, but Brazil is on fire. For over a week now, just as in Turkey, the people have been standing up to their totalitarian governments. 

Journalist Michel De Souza was in Rio de Janeiro during the demonstrations and not only took powerful photos, but also had a GoPro camera constantly recording a unique POV video from his perspective. 

Now, the video has now gone viral, garnering over 350,000 views, and being covered on OCanada, WashingtonPostMostWatched, and YouTubeTrends


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