Apr 012014
Waitress Gets ‘Pranked’ With Best Tips Ever

Break is well known for their obnoxious pranks. But they feel a little guilty now. To scrub their conscious, they’ve decided to introduce ‘Prank it Fwd,’ a campaign of positive pranks. 

For their opening trick, they found a very special, yet needy, waitress, and simply smothered her in amazing customers with deep pockets. As in big money and other incredible life changing tips

This is gonna be Chelsea’s best day ever!


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Mar 272014
Cellphone Crashing At Disneyland

Prankster Greg Benson of Mediocre Films basically invented cellphone crashing.

What exactly is that? 

It’s when you approach a perfect stranger on the phone and pretend to take part in their conversation on your phone. Greg has amassed over 10 million views in past crashing videos, and has now brought the gag to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland. 


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Mar 262014
Cyber Stalker Prank Freaks People Out

People post too much personal information on social networks. To help curb this bad habit, prankster and comedian Jack Vale went around town using the personal info people casually posted on Twitter to freak strangers out

After studying up on his suspect, he approached them and started to list personal info about them only a psychic, or stalker, could possibly know.

Or, you know, someone who knows how to navigate Twitter


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Mar 242014
Dad Turns The Tables On Prankster Son

Deji Olatunji of Comedy Shorts Gamer loves pranking his dad. 

But after going around the block one too many times, his father has learned to take nearly everything his son does with a grain of salt.

So after Deji told his father that there had been a fire, his dad turned the tables on him by pretending to have a heart attack.

Dad’s hilarious reverse prank has gone viral over the weekend with over two million views

Always look for a hidden camera when living with a prankster.


Via DailyDot

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Mar 232014
Harry Potter Dementor Prank

Harry Potter is a just fantasy story. Those terrifying, soul-sucking Dementors aren’t real. 

Or are they?

Yousef of prank channel Fousey TUBE hit the streets of downtown with a hidden camera crew and his buddy dressed as a Dementor. 

When the time was just right, the monster struck Yousef and knocked him out in front of a terrified witness

The witnesses didn’t know how to react. Hilarious!


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