Dec 092013
Coffee To Coins Magic Trick For The Homeless

For his latest project, Magician Rahat took a page out of David Blaine’s book of magic. 

He approached homeless and needy people and said all he could offer them was a cup of coffee.

But then, he magically turned the coffee into cold hard cash. A cup full of change.


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Dec 082013
Taylor University Silent Night Tradition 2013

Taylor University has a fun tradition on the Friday before exams during their Division III basketball game. 

The entire crowd stays whisper quiet until the Trojans score their tenth point. 

Then, all hell breaks loose. 

Taylor SID posted this video of the chaotic tradition from this year which has gone viral over the weekend with over 380,000 hits!

It is also featured on HuffPost, BleacherReport, and DeadSpin


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Dec 032013
Terrifying Japanese Tire Commercial

This chilling commercial by Japanese tire maker AutowayTire has gone viral with over 1.3 million views

In a similar fashion as so many scare pranks online, two Japanese travelers stumble upon a scary ghost girl, and are terrified when the zombie girl suddenly appears in front of their windshield with a loud crash. 



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Nov 272013
Random Acts Of Candy

Spandy Andy wanted to spread as much kindness as possible for the holiday season. And what better way of spreading happiness and cheer than a random act of candy?

So to brighten the day of random stranger, Andy ran up to passersby and offered them candy! Who can resist free, random candy? 

No one!


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Nov 262013
Disappearing At The Drive-Thru Prank

Prominent online magician and prankster Rahat loves pranking the drive-thru at fast food restaurants. He’s gone viral countless times before with pranks like his skeleton at the driv-thru and invisible driver at the drive-thru prank

 Now, he’s back with an all new prank. This time, after the employee turned around to grab him his change or ranch sauce, he quickly hid by pedals, and disappeared. 

The workers couldn’t believe their eyes that the driver they just served had literally disappeared in a matter of moments. 


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