Apr 152014
Interview For World’s Toughest Job Will Open Your Eyes

Card Store posted a fake job in newspapers and online looking for a Director of Operations, and received countless applications. They held real interviews over the Internet.

Applicants were shocked to learn the job would demand for them to be on their feet almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with basically no breaks. The workload would actually increase during Christmas and the holidays. 

The worst part? The position pays absolutely nothing!

Who would take such a horribly demanding job?

Every mom, that’s who!

This prank video has instantly gone viral with over 700,000 hits!



Via TheBlaze

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Apr 142014
Baseball Player Jeff Francoeur Is Pranked By Teammates Into Thinking That Pitcher Is Deaf

Jeff Francoeur of the Padres’ Triple-A team, the El Paso Chihuahuas, was pranked by his teammates good. For weeks, he thought the team’s pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf. Even though he had countless opportunities to realize that Reyes had perfect hearing, he never caught on to the gag.

Soon, even Jorge’s wife was in the on joke. 

Now, this video telling the story of the prank, posted by Daylight Films, has gone viral over the weekend with over half a million hits so far!


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Apr 122014
Eating Junk Food At The Gym Prank

The gym is a place to chug water and energy drinks. That’s about it.

But BigDaws doesn’t follow to rules. When he hits the gym, he brings all his favorite goodies to fuel his fire. Brownies, donuts, candy, you name it, if it’s junk food he’s chowing down on it at the gym. 

Naturally, other exercisers at the gym are shocked. 


Via 22Words

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Apr 092014
Daniel Sturridge Surprises Lucky Kids At School

Liverpool FC soccer player Daniel Sturridge surprised some lucky students in England. The pupils thought they were being interviewed for a video only for the popular striker to surprise them from behind. Their reactions are adorable. 

The two day old video has garnered over 650,000 hits already!


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Apr 082014
Internet Privacy Prank

Inspired by prankster Jack Vale’s Social Network Stalker prank, BuzzFeed took to the streets to freak people out who are lax with their online privacy.

A BF team member asked passersby on the street for a quick interview. Once he had their name, a crew of Internet nerds in a nearby van searched for any personal info they could find online and fed it back to the interviewer via a hidden earpiece. 

Naturally, the interview volunteers were creeped out by the “Facebook stalking in real life.” 

“Wait! How’d you know that about me?!”


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