Feb 212014
Jimmy Kimmel Reveals He Was Behind ‘Wolf In Hotel Hallway’ Viral Video

Can you believe it?

Jimmy Kimmel has again pranked the news media!

Many will remember when he revealed he was the one behind the famous twerking girl who accidentally caught fire viral video. That fake video managed to amass over 15 million views.

The media was stunned that Jimmy pulled such a fast one on them. 

Now, after already garnering over two million views, Jimmy has affirmed that he was the one who teamed up with Olympian Kate Hansen to post the fake video of a wolf purportedly in a hotel hallway in Sochi. 

You can’t believe anything online anymore! 


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Feb 212014
DHL Pranks Competitors To Deliver Boxes Reading ‘DHL Is Faster’

We’re in a new age of marketing where traditional ads just don’t capture the attention they used to. 

Knowing this, DHL attempted a much cheaper marketing ploy that included pranking their competitors. 

To pull off the prank, JvMNeckar reports DHL mailed giant packages with their competitors to difficult to find addresses that read ‘DHL IS FASTER.’

They had the boxes covered in a special temperature sensitive material so the words only appeared once the boxes were already on the delivery trucks. 



Via TastefullyOffensive and 22Words

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Feb 192014
Teen Pranks His African Dad That He Got A Girl Pregnant

YouTuber Emans has gone viral with this hilarious prank that has already amassed over 1.1 million views since last weekend.  

After setting up a hidden camera, he told his African dad in all seriousness that he accidentally got his girlfriend pregnant. 

Dad’s reaction is truly epic!


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Feb 182014
Black Guy And White Guy Try To Break Into A Car Social Experiment

Simple Misfits conducted a simple social experiment. How will people react when a white guy tries to break into a car versus when a black guy tries? 

No one seems to bother the white guy who quits the experiment after some time. But the black guy is quickly confronted by law enforcement. 

A debate has erupted over the fact that the experiment wasn’t done at the same location. The white guy was in Little Tokyo, while the black guy attempted his break in on the busy, tourist packed Hollywood Blvd. Does that matter?

What do you think the video says about race in America?


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