Feb 182014
Black Guy And White Guy Try To Break Into A Car Social Experiment

Simple Misfits conducted a simple social experiment. How will people react when a white guy tries to break into a car versus when a black guy tries? 

No one seems to bother the white guy who quits the experiment after some time. But the black guy is quickly confronted by law enforcement. 

A debate has erupted over the fact that the experiment wasn’t done at the same location. The white guy was in Little Tokyo, while the black guy attempted his break in on the busy, tourist packed Hollywood Blvd. Does that matter?

What do you think the video says about race in America?


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Feb 172014
Surprise Torch Run Prank In New York City

What would you do if a random stranger holding a torch asked you to run it around the corner in the city?

That’s the premise behind Improv Everywhere‘s latest social experiment in New York City

This is the Surprise Torch Run.


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Feb 162014
Social Media Stalker Prank

Online prankster Jack Vale went viral back in November after scaring strangers with their personal information he found on social media sites, such as Twitter. 

Now, Jack has returned to the beach to again stalk strangers who publish their personal information on public profiles on sites like Instagram and Twitter. 

The prank victims were really confused. 

Make sure to properly set your privacy setting people. 


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Feb 122014
Ellen And Bruno Mars Prank A Nurse

Ellen teamed up with her guest Bruno Mars to pull a hilarious prank on a kindhearted nurse. Ellen hired a nurse to administer a quick medical check up on Bruno while he was in his dressing room.

What the nurse didn’t know was that Bruno was wearing an ear piece connected to Ellen’s mic. Whatever Ellen told him to say or do in the company of the nurse, no matter how ridiculous, he obliged. 

The video already has over one million hits!


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