Mar 082014
Taking Apart Friend’s Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Prank

Dutch YouTuber Joost Reijmers and Thomas pulled an epic nerd prank on their friend Michael. 

After Michael spent the entire day putting together the notorious Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon, comprised of over 1,200 intricate Lego pieces, his friend Thomas decided to take the giant toy apart, piece by piece. 

“Oh no! Oh no you didn’t!” Michael called out in vain the next day after realizing what his friend had did to his hours of work.

“Oh no. It’s starting to dawn on me. Oh, the horror!”

After opening the box, he fell on the floor and yelled, “I don’t know if I should laugh or get really angry.”


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Mar 072014
Waking Someone Up With A Laser Pointer And A Dog Prank

This video posted by HappenNow03 has gone viral over the week, and stands with over a quarter million views!

The silly clip features a woman who uses a laser pointer to entice her husky dog to wake up her boyfriend.

What a genius trick!


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Mar 072014
Watch My Dog Black Guy White Guy Switch Prank

YouTubers Jack Vale and Greg Davis Jr recently went viral with their ingenious and hilarious black guy, white guy switch at the drive-thru prank. That video stands with over one million hits!

Now, they’ve returned to perform a similar prank on the streets.

Taking turns, the two would ask a kind passerby to watch their dog for just a moment while they ran inside a coffee shop. Minutes last, their opposite race counterpart would return wearing the same outfit asking for their dog back.

How do you think people will respond?


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Mar 052014
Asking Kevin Spacey Questions Female Celebrities Get Asked On The Red Carpet

BuzzFeed had the opportunity to interview House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey on the red carpet before the Oscars, and decided to mess with the man. 

Instead of asking him about his latest projects and movies, the interviewer asked Kevin questions usually reserved for female celebrities, such as “what are you wearing tonight?” and, “are you wearing Spanx?”

Kevin picked up on the ruse after a few questions and ended his interview with, “BuzzFeed is so f***ed up. Good luck, enjoy your Spanx.”


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Mar 042014
YouTube Magician Gives Homeless Man Winning Lottery Ticket

YouTube magician Rahat makes a living by pulling gags and pranking people, and decided it was finally time to do a little charity.

He found a homeless man and instead of giving him a few bucks, gave him a winning lotto ticket. It actually wasn’t a winner, but the gas station clerk was in on the kind deed. 

When they arrived at the gas station, the clerk gave the needy man $1,000 for the ‘winning’ ticket.

Rahat obviously chose a worth recipient, because after being given the cash the homeless man immediately offered to share it with him.

Once the shock wore off he broke down in tears. 

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, and never had a friend do what you just did back there.”


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