Feb 272014
Jeff Gordon As Taxi Driver Pranks Journalist Passenger By Running From Police

Remember the viralviral video of Jeff Gordon allegedly pranking a car salesman by taking a Camaro on a seriously fast test drive?

That video stands with over 40 million views!

Though viewers enjoyed the video, most doubted the authenticity of the clip. 

Pepsi wasn’t happy about all the doubt, so they colluded with Jeff and a cop to prank one of the automotive journalists of Jalopnik, Travis Okulski, who openly called the video fake.

Jeff played the part of an ex-convict cab driver who just happened to pick up Travis. During their trip they get pulled over, but Jeff “isn’t going back to jail.” 

The look on Travis’s face is priceless as Jeff burns rubber and the cops give chase. 


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Feb 232014
Chasing Snake Prank

Prankster duo Roman Atwood and DennisRoady teamed up with Sam Pepper for an evil, yet hilarious, prank. 

They went to the park, and quietly attached a toy snake on a string to a person passing by. Then, they warned them that a snake was chasing them. 

No matter how fast they ran, the snake stayed right behind them.


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Feb 222014
Scary Big Foot Prank

The legend of Big Foot is still a popular myth. And it’s because of pranks like this that so many people believe in the crypto-monster. 

Famous YouTuber Vitalyzd traveled to a small town where these types of legends are pervasive and convinced the locals, and even the local news channel, that Big Foot was attacking their city


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Feb 212014
Paranoid Name Dropping Prank

Online prankster Jack Vale was at the 2014 National Association of Music Merchants, or NAMM, and couldn’t let the opportunity to make a prank video pass. 

Since everyone was wearing name tags, Jack simply pretended to be talking to someone on the phone and loudly described a random person around him, making sure to loudly say their name. 

Naturally, they quickly became paranoid. 


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Feb 212014
Jimmy Kimmel Reveals He Was Behind ‘Wolf In Hotel Hallway’ Viral Video

Can you believe it?

Jimmy Kimmel has again pranked the news media!

Many will remember when he revealed he was the one behind the famous twerking girl who accidentally caught fire viral video. That fake video managed to amass over 15 million views.

The media was stunned that Jimmy pulled such a fast one on them. 

Now, after already garnering over two million views, Jimmy has affirmed that he was the one who teamed up with Olympian Kate Hansen to post the fake video of a wolf purportedly in a hotel hallway in Sochi. 

You can’t believe anything online anymore! 


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