Jul 092016
Surprising Dad By Hiding In The Car Trunk Prank

Brian Vogelgesang took a special flight from Chicago to be with his family for his dad’s birthday. To make the surprise extra special, he hid in the trunk of the car and had his dad open it. Dad’s shocked reaction is simply hilarious! 


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Jul 082016
Seemingly Saying Things To Passersby Prank

There are a lot of pranks out there that are really just guys being jerks to others on camera. Instead, The Royal Stampede made this lighthearted prank where amazingly no one is hurt or embarrassed. While walking down the street, one guy would proclaim something apparently at the person walking towards them, but instead he was talking to his friend. 


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Jul 072016
Power Lifting At The Gym In Old Man Costume

Power lifter Kenneth Leverich teamed up with Thrillist to prank the people exercising at the gym. The former Junior Olympic weightlifter went undercover wearing an old man costume and mask to shock passersby as he lifted giant weights over his head. 


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