Sep 272013
Girl After Wisdom Teeth Surgery Cries That She’s A Nascar Driver

It’s been a while since a post-wisdom teeth surgery video went viral, but it was worth the wait as this latest one by YouTuber Kief4 Diamonds is a doozy. 

While walking with her mom to the car after her wisdom teeth surgery, fifteen year old Annie understandably seemed confused. Her mom tried to explain that she just had her teeth taken out, but Annie couldn’t believe her. 

“No,” she explained to her mom. “I just got into a very bad Nascar accident.”

When mom tried to tell her otherwise, Annie began to cry, so mom decided to simply appease her until the medication wore off. 

“You are a Nascar driver! And you’re the best ever!”

“I know I am!” cried Annie.


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Mar 312013

The web just loves post-anesthesia videos, with the majority of the popular ones being taped after a family member has their wisdom teeth removed. 

Abbie Kritz is the latest to going viral with the aftermath video from her oral surgery. On the car ride home she couldn’t help but break down and cry for “murdering my wisdom teeth.”

In between sobs she blurts out, “I’m. So. Sorry.”

Already, the ten day old video has over 700,000 views. Next stop, The Ellen Degeneres Show.   


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Nov 112012

The Internet is covered in humorous ‘after anesthesia’ videos, but it’s always some teenager after getting their wisdom teeth removed. What about pets? They get surgery too sometimes. 

Naturally, the Internet’s request has been answered. Here are ‘Cats After Anesthesia,’ a video that was published in June, but has started to trend again over the course of the weekend. 


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Jun 122012

Sometimes, you have to go to an altered state of consciousness to find true wisdom. Thus is the case with Chaddy after arriving home from wisdom teeth surgery. He seems incredibly out of it, yet excited and fidgety, and it must be because he’s finally seeing with his third eye.

Just some of the knowledge he drops includes: 

“You’re The Mom, you know what’s best.”

“You gotta like say something before you touch me, like say like, ‘Chad, I’m gonna touch your arm.'”

“Russia, do they wear the big hats?”

Overall, Chaddy seems like a really good guy. 


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Jun 042012

Last week, the I Feel Dizzy kid went viral with his hilarious post surgery anesthesia  reaction. As is obligatory online, the auto tune remixes of the video have been popping up everywhere. 

Remix artist  is the first to have a true viral remix of I Feel Dizzy Kid that already has nearly 30,000 hits. 


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