Jan 102014
Inconceivable Pool Trick Shots By Florian Kohler

Professional billiards master Florian Kohler is so well known for his trick shots that he has gone on world tour, visiting nine countries in five weeks, to perform his magic.

He posted this teaser video of just some of his seemingly impossible pool trick shots that he’ll be performing while on tour. 

Apparently, the laws of physics don’t apply to this Jedi master. 


Via DailyPicksAndFlicks

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Jan 092014
Walking On A Pool Of Non-Newtonian Fluid ‘Water’

Back in December, Anthony and Tara of Hard Science demonstrated the amazing characteristics of non-Newtonian liquids, seemingly walking on a slurry of water and corn starch

As a genius promotion, Mach by Hong Leong Bank commissioned this eye-popping video of an apparent Non-Newtonian fluid pool party. 

Guests took turns seemingly walking on a pool of 8,000 liters of Non-Newtonian water, AKA oobleck. 


Via LaughingSquid

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Sep 252013
Epic, Giant Slip ‘N Slide Launches Riders Into Pool

The first chill of Autumn has crept in, but the memory of summer is still fresh. 

As a fun last hurrah, Brice Milleson and his buddies hit up action-sports camp Ohio Dreams to take on the camp’s epic “slip and and fly” slide that launches daring riders into the giant swimming pool

 Music is Scrape The Sky by Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.


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Jul 192013

What’s a bachelor party without a brutal prank played on the groom? Rutlesjef and his Norwegian buddies did just that. They told the groom they were taking him bungee jumping off of a bridge. Blind folded!

Of course, in the end they only really put him on the edge of the backyard deck and had him dive face first into a kiddie pool. Happy wedding. 

In one day the new video has exploded online, garnering over two million views


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