Mar 052015
Boyfriend Performs Wrestling Moves On His Girlfriend In The Pool

What could possibly be more fun than playing in the pool? How about performing wrestling throws and slams on your girlfriend in the pool? Joe Weller did just that and then edited in authentic professional wrestling announcing. 

The resulting video has instantly gone viral with over 3 million views already!


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Sep 112014
Jimmy Fallon Plays Pool Bowling With Hugh Jackman

Jimmy Fallon introduced one of his most creative games on The Tonight Show to play with actor Hugh Jackman. Instead of going bowling or playing pool, Jimmy merged the two sports into one epic game called Pool Bowling. The two look like tiny people on a giant pool table when they play. But the game concept is actually genius. Hopefully, college kids will start playing this game and the sport spreads. 


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Aug 252014
Dog Blows Bubbles In The Pool

People quickly learn the pleasure of blowing bubbles in the poo or bathtub at a young age. Adorably, Diesel the dog is getting in on the action. His owner Jessica Nichols has taught the smart pup how to blow bubbles in the pool on demand. Nose bubbles! This video has gone viral with over 250,000 hits!


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Aug 202014
Epic $2 Million Backyard Pool

Who wouldn’t love to have their own pool in their backyard? Animal Planet reports that one homeowner in Springville, Utah took his backyard pool to the next level. The two million dollar masterpiece is all man made, but appears to be a natural lake in the mountains. There are even waterfalls, hidden tunnels, and slides.

This video covering the pool has over 4 million hits!


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