Aug 182014
Fake Street Racing Prank

YouTube pranksters Roman Atwood and Vitaly borrowed some sweet sports cars, but had no track to go fast. So they did the next best thing. They decided to prank the cops by pulling up to a stop, revving their engines real loud, but driving off real slow. The police who saw them were still not too happy.


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Aug 142014
Police Officer Saves Woman Choking After Pulling Her Over

Cops have a bad reputation online. Thankfully, this Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer has turned the tide. While pulling a driver over in Kalamazoo, Jason Gates noticed the driver was choking. He quickly pulled her out of the car and performed the heimlich maneuver, saving her life. Understandably, the woman instantly burst into tears. 


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Aug 132014
Cop Gets Super Pissed At ‘Paranoid Prank’

Prankster Jack Vale has a classic prank he loves to pull on strangers. In what he calls his paranoid pranks, Jack will follow someone around town or at a store and describe them on the phone. Most people quickly become paranoid as a stranger is seemingly taking a great interest in them. 

This time, Jack tried his prank on two police officers eating breakfast. They were not happy with the gag. Not happy at all!


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Aug 072014
Homeless Man Watching Police Destroy His House In The Woods Will Break Your Heart

Sam is homeless and has been living in the woods for a number of years in a house he built himself. It’s not the strongest of structures, but it was his home and all he had. But after the police learned of his presence he was evicted. Homeless advocate group Destiny’s Bridge Movie captured the terribly sad moment as Sam tearfully watched the cops tear down the only home he had. Now, a debate has erupted whether what the police did was the right thing.  


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