Sep 092014
Everything That Will Kill You

Back in the day, people knew what to activities to choose to have a long and prosperous life. But today it seems everything will kill you. College Humor explains in this humorous Dr. Seuss style cartoon the list of everything that will kill you. Which basically covers everything. 


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May 042014
Patrick Roche’s Poem ’21′ Will Give You Chills

This Button Poetry piece by Patrick Roche has exploded online. In less than two weeks his poem, titled 21, has amassed over 3 million views! Patrick counts down from 21 years old, the year his father passed, and powerfully explains how the mess he is in now all started. Goosebumps and tears are guaranteed.   


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May 012014
‘Look Up’ A Powerful Poem About Anti-Social Social Media

Never before has the world been so interconnected. There are countless platforms to connect, stay in touch, and talk to people. Yet with all this social media, we have ironically become anti-social. 

Poet Gary Turk explains how in this powerful new poem Look Up.

“We’re a generation of idiots. Smartphones and dumb people.”

Would it be hypocritical to ask you to share this?


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Apr 152014
Dad’s Epic Message To The Boys Who May One Day Date His Daughter

Some dads give their daughter’s first date a long talk to about the rules he expects them to follow. Others just give them a chilling stare. Some, sadly, are not there at all.

But Jesse Parent has a very special message to the boys who may one day date his daughter that is unlike any other. Now his epic poem, published by Button Poetry, has gone viral!


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Apr 022014
English Is Crazy Poem

English is famous around the world as one of the most confusing and difficult to learn languages out there. We’re so used to all the rule breaking that many of us don’t realize just how crazy English is. 

Mitchell Moffi of education channel Asap THOUGHT performs an entertaining poem demonstrating just how insane the English language really is. 


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