Mar 092016
Guy Perfectly Spoofs Every Slam Poem Ever

When the Internet was just getting started, short clips of slam poetry was one of the most popular things to share and send to friends. But today, Most slam poems have basically become parodies of themselves. 

After seeing too many cliche slam poetry clips, AholePatrol made this hilarious parody poem that is ironically better than most of the others circulating around. 


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Dec 192014
Nick Offerman Reads ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Jimmy Fallon ran out of time on The Tonight Show to fully celebrate Christmas. He couldn’t even read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. Thankfully, his friend Nick Offerman was backstage who was happy to read the timeless holiday poem. Of course, Nick’s version isn’t exactly a perfect replica of the original. But it’s OK, because the Internet likes his version better anyways. 


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Oct 032014
Can We Auto-Correct Humanity Poem Critiques Social Media

Rapper Prince Ea has gone viral with his latest video, titled Can We Auto-Correct Humanity, which critiques social networking. His message resonates with many viewers who feel that what was once a tool to stay connected has deteriorated into an ego contest about who has the most followers. 

Ironically, just like the other anti-social network videos before it, this clip has gone viral on Twitter, Facebook, and many other social networks. 


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Sep 092014
Everything That Will Kill You

Back in the day, people knew what to activities to choose to have a long and prosperous life. But today it seems everything will kill you. College Humor explains in this humorous Dr. Seuss style cartoon the list of everything that will kill you. Which basically covers everything. 


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