May 192014
Toy Story As A Horror Film Is Chilling

Just over a week ago, Bobby Burns went viral with his eye-opening twist on Disney’s Frozen, cutting footage of the popular film to create a terrifying trailer of what Frozen would look like as a horror flick. That video stands with over 7 million hits! After such a great success, Bobby has returned to take on Pixar’s most popular film, Toy Story. The resulting trailer for a horror Toy Story movie is simply terrifying. They need to make this for Halloween!


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Oct 152013
The Making Of Pixar’s ‘Boats’ Is All About The Money

First there was Pixar’s adorable and original Cars, but then came Cars 2 and Planes

What gives? It seems that Pixar and Disney have realized there’s easy money to be made by simply remaking classic stories with personified vehicles. 

Writer and director Justin Dec noticed this trend, and teamed up with Parks And Rec famous Jim O’Heir, YouTube famous Kev Jumba, and more to mock the next logical Pixar film, Boats

The hilarious comedy sketch is covered on io9, GeekTyrant, TastefullyOffensive, and PlayGroundDad


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