Oct 302014
Extreme Photoshop Weight Loss Will Shock You

These days, everyone assumes that their favorite stars and celebrities have been digitally touched up in magazines and on billboards. But most have no idea how far Photoshop can go. Real Retouch demonstrates just how drastic Photoshop can change someone’s picture in this time lapse. Just watch as a heavyset Japanese TV star loses more than a couple pounds in just minutes! So next time you feel jealous that your favorite star’s pics look too good to be true, remember, they only look like that on paper. 


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Feb 132014
Real Women Reacting To Being Professionally Photoshopped Will Give You Hope

Our modern world is literally covered with pseudo-realities that attack our self-esteem. Digitally perfected people constantly mock our deficiencies and blemishes at the checkout line, on TV, on the Internet, and on billboards. 

BuzzFeed asked four women to take part in a photoshop experiment and gave them the ‘cover girl’ treatment. 

But after seeing themselves ‘perfected,’ the women couldn’t help but feel a little sad. 

“As a normal person, seeing your identity change, it’s pretty shocking.”

 “When someone else has done your makeup, your hair, and has directed how your body looks, and then taken away your imperfections, there’s not much left of who you really are.”


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Jan 222014
Hungarian Music Video Parfüm Demonstrates How Drastic Photoshop Is In Real Time

Computer retouching programs like Photoshop have changed the way the world perceives beauty. It has set our standards beyond what is humanly possible.

Hungarian singer Boggie demonstrates just how powerful and drastic ‘shopping is in her new viral music video Parfüm.

Viewers can watch in real time as she is literally transformed into a different person as the song progresses using common Photoshop techniques.

The video has already amassed over 950,000 hits.


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Oct 312013
The Power Of Photoshop

YouTuber Try10000time posted this video back in February, but it has only exploded online now, garnering over 5 million new views!

Similar to the classic Dove commercial focused on the (negative) powers of Photoshop, the short 37-second clip demonstrates just how drastic, and unrealistic, our expectations of beauty have become in our society.

After being doused in makeup, a model is then stretched, toned, and ‘perfected’ by computers in inhuman ways in order to become magazine center fold ready. 

By the end, she looks more like Barbie than an actual human. 

Full video posted by President of the World in 2012:


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