Dec 202014
Dogs With Human Hands Enjoy Holiday Dinner

The dog-with-human-hands-gag has been done plenty of times before on the Internet. It’s a classic. But healthy pet food company Fresh Pet has just taken it to the next level. They set up an entire holiday dinner for a slew of dogs, and one cat, with human hands to enjoy a fresh and delicious Christmas meal.

Naturally, the Internet is loving this video which has already amassed over 3.5 million hits in less than a week!


Thanks Fresh Pet

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Dec 172014
Pit Bull Really Does Not Like Pineapple

Like most people, Jolene Creighton‘s kitchen is a little cluttered. But there’s only one thing in the kitchen that can really terrify her pit bull. A nice big, juicy pineapple. That’s right, her poor pit Stella is simple horrified by the spiky fruit. Now, the poor dog’s cute reaction has gone viral with over 900,000 hits over the past week. 


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Dec 162014
Disabled Dog Adorably Runs With 3D Printed Prosthetics

We on are on the cusp of a revolution. A new world where anyone can easily and simply 3D print whatever they may need. Tara Anderson fell in love with Derby the disabled dog a few months ago who was missing his front paws. Thankfully, she works for 3D printing company 3D Systems and was able to print Derby new feet. Now Derby loves to run with a big smile on his face! Adorable! 


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Dec 112014
Bulldog Loves Chasing Remote Control Car

Dogs famously love to chase cars. But English Bulldog Thunder likes to chase a certain type of car. His owner’s remote control car. As this is the the Internet age, the owner attached a GoPro camera to the remote control car and captured awesome footage of Thunder chasing the car. Only now has this video from the summer gone viral with over 150,000 new views


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