Feb 072012

The kids take games like the Super Bowl the most serious, so when the New England Patriots lost to the New York Giants, it wasn’t that surprising that students at UMass held a temper tantrum outside. After a fire of sorts was set off camera, the ‘Calvary’ of police in full riot gear on horses dispersed the crowd.


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Jan 232012

This die hard Baltimore Ravens fan was not happy when the Ravens lost to the Patriots to go to the Super Bowl. “#20” proceeded to freak out at the TV and then his friends. The sad fan was left standing and complaining about gleeful Partiots fans and other football jib-jabberoo. The day old video already has 100,00 views, thanks being featured by BostonBarStoolSports and JPMoore


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Dec 012011

Little kids crying over sports has become a regular viral video theme online recently. Kids just can’t control their emotions when they are so invested in the game. This little boy is in tears over the Eagles-Patriots game on last Sunday. He cries and screams, “I hate Tom Brady,” the quarterback for the Patriots who ended up winning  38-20. 


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