Jul 142015
Every Snapchat Ever

Move over Vine, Tumblr, and Pinterest. It seems all of these hot social media apps have all been dethroned for Snapchat. But just like every other online ecosystem, the popular disappearing video messaging app has it’s own inside jokes and idiosyncrasies. The comedians of Smosh breakdown every Snapchat ever in this new ridiculous video


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Jul 132015
People Try Stuff For The First Time Buzzfeed Parody

At first, Buzzfeed became famous for their countless viral lists that cover nearly every topic imaginable. Today, Buzzfeed is known for their prolific videos featuring seemingly regular people trying new foods and experiences for the first time. After watching one too many of these videos, the comedians at Nacho Punch couldn’t help themselves and made this hilarious spoof of people trying stuff for the first time, such as drinking bleach and waterboarding prisoners. 


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Jul 132015
If Sports Drink Commercials Were Honest

Years ago there were carbonated soft drinks, juice, and water. That was about it. But today, the beverage market is bursting at the seams with ‘sports drinks.’ How are they any different than any other soda? Well they’re typically flat, contain a lot more sodium, and usually have a sprinkle of vitamins in them. Cracked imagines what a sports drink commercial would look like if they were more honest in this parody commercial


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Jul 102015
Couples Announce New Pregnancy With Adorable ‘Shut Up And Dance’ Music Video Spoof

John Murrays and his wife as well as Jon’s brother Aaron and his wife both became pregnant around the same time. Since he was so talented with a camera and computer, John decided to announce the good news to their friends and family with a music video parody of Walk The Moon’s hit single Shut Up And Dance. This week old video video has instantly gone viral this weekend!


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Jul 092015
Seven Unexpected Ways To Chop An Onion

The Internet loves a good life-hack video that demonstrates how to complete an annoying task in an easier, more effective manner. Parody cooking channel You Suck At Cooking explains seven ways to chop an onion in this viral video. After the first demonstration it becomes apparent that this is not your average cooking show. 


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