Jul 152014
Dad Parodies ‘Rude’ By Magic! In The Best Way Possible

Young teens can’t help, but sing along with the Magic! hit song Rude. But does anyone even realize what they are say? One father has a response to Magic! and made this hilarious parody of their popular song. This dad is not gonna just let you ‘marry that girl’ without a good job and insurance. Now, Benji Jenna Cowart‘s spoof has gone viral with over 1.5 million views!


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Jul 152014
‘All I Do Is Farm’ Spoofs ‘All I Do Is Win’

When they’re not feeding the cows, harvesting the wheat, or tuning the tractors, The Peterson Farm Bros like to get their pop music on. Over the years, the social media fluent farmers have made a name for themselves on YouTube with their hilarious farm-themed pop music parodies. This time, the brothers cover the hit rap song All I Do Is Win. Instead of win, all these boys do is farm.


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Jul 142014

The Internet went absolutely crazy with Pharrell’s hit sing Happy. Users still can’t help sharing, spoofing, and liking the catchy song. But only now is the song a ‘true’ hit. Professional parody artist Weird Al has finally spoofed the groovy tune, calling his version Tacky. Many comedians make cameos in the music video, including Jack Black, Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, and more!


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Jul 102014
Soccer Flopping In Real Life

Flopping is a technique popular in basketball and soccer when a player will exaggerate being hit by his opponent in hopes that the refs will call a foul in his favor. But what if people pulled off flops in real life, such as in the office or at the grocery store? That’s exactly what Fourgrounds Film imagines in this new viral video in honor of the World Cup that has already garnered over one million hits!


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Jul 082014
Frozen Is The New Black

Pop culture obsessed Only Leigh has merged the Netflix sensation Orange Is The New Black with Disney’s ultra popular feature film Frozen in her latest video parody. When Elsa loses control of her powers, she’s sent to a correctional institution. What she quickly learns in prison is that being stuck with dangerous princesses behind bars is no fairy tale. 


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