Oct 022015
Painfully Accurate Drug Commercial

We’ve all seen those commercials for a slew of medications for any ailment you can think. Many of these ads feature a cute cartoon creature who is just sad and uncomfortable, but with a boost from new medicine is miraculously healed. College Humor mocks these commercial with their painfully accurate drug ad parody


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Sep 302015
Long Build Ups And Disappointing Drops

It seems all dance and club music follows the same formula these days. But what’s really getting annoying is how they are all skipping out on the intense bass drop after a longer and longer build up. Louis Burgess perfectly parodies what modern dance music has become in this new short sketch


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Sep 242015
Kenan And Kel Reunite In Good Burger Sketch On Tonight Show

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is a proud lover of all things from the 1990’s. For his latest shtick, he invited Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell to star in a recreation of the popular 90’s Nickelodeon sketch and movie Good Burger. Naturally, the Web is loving this trip down memory lane. 


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Sep 232015
Girls Doing Nothing In Activewear

It wasn’t that long ago that when you saw a woman on the subway wearing sneakers and an outfit from Nike made special from jogging you could assume she was about to go jogging. But not anymore. Now, it’s just a fashionable outfit. The Van Vuuren Bros poke fun at this trend with this new upbeat music video about women doing nothing in their activewear. 


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Sep 212015
Weird Simpsons Intro Couch Gag Will Creep You Out

The introduction for the Simpsons is one of the most iconic scenes from television. No matter their age, nearly every viewer can identify the beginning for the longest running sitcom cartoon. Countless famous directors and artists have created their own version of the intro, and now Yoann Hervo has taken a stab at it with his own very creepy and weird Simpsons couch gag


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