Jun 252014
After Ever After Parody Disney Medley Part 2

Over a year ago, singer Paint exploded online with his hilarious, and gorgeous sounding parody medley spoofing all the famous Disney princess songs over the years. The Internet loved it and simply ate up the After Ever After song which now has over 33 million views!

Finally, Paint has returned to offer a second dose of his alternate Disney reality where he explains what happened to the princesses after they lived happily ever after. 


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Oct 132013
Wet Paint On Park Bench Prank

UC Magic‘s latest prank is so simple, yet genius.

Rich would simply sit on a public green bench next to a stranger minding their own business, and covertly slip a ‘wet paint’ sign in between them

As he already came prepared with green paint stripes on his back and bum, he would jump up in a shock after apparently realizing he foolishly sat on wet paint. 

The person next to him naturally jumped up in an attempt to see if they also got ‘painted’ once they connected the dots. 


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Oct 092013
Paint On A Speaker In Super Slow Motion

Sound waves are much more powerful than we humans realize. 

To demonstrate this, the popular slow motion artists, The Slowmo Guys, poured a colorful mix of paint on an old speaker and cranked up the music. 

The visual results are stunning, even at regular speed. In super slow motion, it’s simply glorious. 


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Apr 122013

The popular Slowmo Guys are made up of two British teens with a super slow motion Phantom V1610 camera. In their latest segment, they drop a single firecracker into small, glass paint jars. As usual, the resulting slow motion footage is absolutely gorgeous.   


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Mar 022013

Literal MS Paint is a channel focused on recreating pop music videos using Microsoft Paint in a literal sense. The channel has been dormant for over a year, but they have finally resurfaced with a new music video cover.

Naturally, as Thrift Shop continues to trend online, they chose to recreate the popular music video by Macklemore. 


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