Dec 012013
Motorcyclist Swarmed By Concerned Drivers After Wiping Out On Roundabout


Conan UK wasn’t excessively speeding when he took a roundabout, but hit a patch of oil, and wiped out. 

Though one car passed him by, he was nearly swarmed by a group of concerned drivers who helped him on his feet and offered to call for help. 

Contrary to what the Internet may lead you to believe, there are good people out there.  


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Oct 032013
Groom Completes Slap Bet On Groomsman During Wedding

As all fans of How I Met Your Mother know, a slap bet is a bet where the winner gets to slap the loser as hard as they can at any given time in the future. 

Zane had a credit of one slap on his buddy Steven, and decided to cash it in at the least expected time. At his own wedding, during the ceremonies.

While giving all of his groomsmen a hug, he finished his hug with Steven with a nice, loud slap!

Robert Montgomery caught the whole scene on camera, and posted it online way back in 2012. The video has only exploded online now, even appearing on Gawker, 22Words, and HuffingtonPost.  


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Oct 022013
Tuba Pileup At High School Halftime Show

While at the Lake Travis High School football game in Austin, TX last Thrusday, Wes Rowe caught a hilarious accident during the marching band halftime show. 

While walking backwards, one tuba–or sousaphone–player fell, causing five other players to subsequently fall into the pileup. 

The short clip was posted a week ago, but has exploded online, garnering over 1.1 million views, and appearing on popular sites, such as HuffPost, Guyism, HyperVocal, and Gawker


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Sep 182013
US Air Force Woman Grabs Fellow Soldier’s Crotch While Being Tazed

Nearly every member of the military goes through the same strenuous tests to become a soldier. This often includes being tear gassed and/or tazered in a controlled environment to become accustomed to the pain one might experience on the battlefield. 

While this Air Force volunteer was being tazered during training, she made an involuntary vice grip like so many tazer victims do. The problem was, she grabbed onto her fellow soldier’s crotch, causing him to experience perhaps more pain than she did. 

Bobbi Moreland caught the whole scene on camera, and now the video is going viral after being featured on DailyPicks, Gawker, and Mirror.  


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