Oct 252011

This video from 2007 had slow, steady viewership until finally going viral this June on sites like Jest and BestOfYouTube. Since then it has continued to be extremely popular. Two Scotsmen and their Chinese pilot have some trouble in their hot hair balloon. After a couple minute they crash land in a rice field, and are met by stunned Chinese farmers. 


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Oct 242011

This video from 2009 has recently exploded in popularity, and is going viral on WeHateCollege, BunnyFood, and TastefullyOffensive. We’ve seen a cat punch a dog in the face before, but never a baby. In her highchair, this baby tries to play with her feline friend a little t0o rough, so kitty gives her a few quick jabs to the face. Bad kitty!


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Oct 172011

A huge crash at this year’s Las Vegas Speedway involving fifteen cars took the life of famous Indy 500 winner, Dan Wheldon. The announcers were just talking about Dan, and viewing his camera, when all of a sudden a crash took place in front of him. Dan’s car literally became airborne and crashed into a nearby fence engulfed in fire. 


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Oct 122011

Real Brad Pitt fans will remember this classic scene from Meet Joe Black, when Pitt’s character is hit, not by one car, but two.  took this memorable scene, and stretched it out. That’s got to hurt. The video is shared on Tosh.0 and VideoGum


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Oct 102011

Mountain Biker, Evan van der Spuy was biking through South Africa when he was hit by a huge Red Hartebeest running at full speed. All the action was caught on film on the helmet camera on the biker behind him. The video is featured on TheHighDefinite


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