Aug 212014
Two Guys Act Out Eldery Women’s Conversation Part 2

Back in July, the comedians at The Kloons went viral with their hilarious video of two guys acting out the conversations of older women. The original video has over 2 million views! Now, they have returned with a second dose of lip-dub comedy gold. 


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Jun 022014
Paddy And Nico Dance On Britain’s Got Talent

Over a month ago, eighty year old Paddy and her much younger dance partner Nico blew up on the Internet after performing an intense salsa dance. No one expected an eighty year old woman to move like that! That video stands with over 23 million hits! The Internet wan’t satisfied, and wanted to see more impressive salsa dancing! Lucky for the Web, Paddy And Nico are happy to oblige. The two dancers are trending again after their latest performance was posted on the Britain’s Got Talent YouTube channel. 


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Mar 032014
If This 98 Woman Can Help Her Neighbor, So Can You

This touching human interest story by I Like Giving–a campaign for a generous world–has gone viral with over 165,000 views.

The video, titled I Like Being 98, features Evelyn who lives in a retirement community. Though she can’t do everything she used to, she does her best to help her neighbor Joyce. 

“We hope you and your friends will be as inspired as we are.”


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Aug 072013

NSFW Language

This week old video by Remote Laughter is trending more than ever, especially after being parodied by Conan.

The video was taken by a woman who caught on of her unstable neighbors stealing rhubarb from behind the alley. After confronting her, the crazy lady finally gave up and left, but not without dropping many expletives first. 

 Update: original video is down, so here is Ray William Johnson covering the clip.


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